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The move aims to "decentralise power in Uzbekistan", analysts say.

Kyrgyzstan needs to modernise its Islamic education system and undertake other initiatives to protect the nation against radicalism, say analysts.

Hundreds of Kazakhstani children are living in refugee camps in Syria after their parents were killed fighting for 'Islamic State' (IS).

'Indeed, if clean water comes to our village, it will be like a fairy tale turning into reality,' a Chook village resident said.

The group's latest video production relies heavily on recycled footage which experts say is a sign of a failing propaganda machine.

Bilateral trade this year will exceed last year's indicators, reaching almost $1.7 billion (549.5 billion KZT), according to trade officials.

Global competitiveness, a green economy, privatisation and infrastructure are among top priorities Kazakhstan and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development agreed upon.

An alarming 61% of youth 'trust the information disseminated on social networks', according to a survey of Kyrgyz youth.

The Spiritual Administration for Muslims of Kazakhstan (DUMK) has convinced nearly 5,000 extremists to abandon their radical thoughts, clerics say.

The defeat of IS in Iraq and Syria will bring an end to the group in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia -- where security forces are ready to deal with any new challenges, analysts say.

A new strategic security document details a litany of subversive activities that Moscow directs in Central Asia and across the world.

Co-operation between Central Asian states, as exhibited by the US and Russia in the St. Petersburg case, will help the region foil future terrorist attacks, say observers.

Tajik doctors treat thousands of Afghan citizens every year on both sides of the border as part of an agreement between the two countries' health ministries.

The Centre for Analysis and Development of Interfaith Relations in Pavlodar Province has launched several initiatives to help vulnerable individuals resist extremism.

Residents feel safer than ever as authorities refuse to ease up on possible threats.

Central Asian security, bilateral trade and infrastructure development were among the topics during Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's visit to Tashkent earlier this month.

Hopes for a better life in Russia have turned into a nightmare for many Central Asian migrants.

The suspects, two men and two women, were detained in a counter-terrorism operation in Tashkent, according to police.

Women manage or own almost half of all small and medium businesses in Kazakhstan, according to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The order for the New Year's Day attack on the Reina nightclub came from a senior Russian Syria-based IS extremist named Islam Atabiyev, codenamed Abu Jihad, Turkish authorities say.

Central Asian citizens facing discrimination in Russia say they are portrayed as enemies of the country by domestic media outlets and authorities.

The US-backed environmental youth movement has been working to reduce disaster risks in Kyrgyzstan.

The union, established earlier this year, is aimed at preventing radicalisation and promote political engagement among Uzbekistani youth.

The leaders of the two countries oversaw the signing of dozens of agreements and trade contracts worth more than $500 million.

The move to electronic forms will create an independent database for criminal cases, speeding up the justice system and decreasing costs, officials say.

Poor religious education creates a breeding ground for radical organisations, warn scholars and analysts.

Kazakhstan participated in the 'Friendship 2017' international counter-terrorism exercises in Pakistan that ended this week.

A new education centre, transportation links and an upcoming visit by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani are all indicators of stronger bilateral relations.