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Rakhmat Akilov, a 39-year-old Uzbekistani asylum seeker, faces a life sentence if convicted.

The Regional Small Business Programme will provide online training and a knowledge-sharing platform for financial institutions in Central Asia.

Kyrgyz Prime Minister Sapar Isakov apologised to Bishkek residents who are freezing in their apartments due to a power plant breakdown.

More than 240,000 residents in five cities will benefit from better heating and hot water after implementation of the project.

The Kremlin has often used military aid as a means of exercising influence, with the goal of keeping countries -- in particular those in Central Asia -- dependent on Russia.

Regional Command West conducted a month-long training exercise for 2,000 service members to boost individual specialties.

The Uzbekistani government is urging its citizens and former citizens working in the United States to help their country to develop the IT and business sectors.

Efforts by law enforcement and educational and religious institutions in 2017 have resulted in significant gains, say analysts and officials.

Collaboration among the government, imams, elders, religious scholars, law enforcement and the film industry is already seeing results.

Russia's recent 'military aid' to Tajikistan signals the Kremlin's intent to redeploy its troops on the Tajik-Afghan border -- a move that would undermine sovereignty in Central Asia , warn analysts.

The US and Kazakhstani presidents discussed the enhanced strategic partnership between Astana and Washington and resolved to strengthen co-operation on political and security issues.

Bus travel between the two neighbouring countries has restarted after a 17-year hiatus.

The US and Central Asian nations share key strategic interests such as countering terrorism and improving regional stability, says a top US diplomat.

Vladimir Putin’s government has engaged in a relentless assault to undermine democracy and rule of law across the globe, but Central Asia is particularly at risk.

Russian jets have on several recent occasions flouted a 'deconfliction' agreement with the US that is designed to safeguard both militaries.

Umma, the first and only Muslim magazine in Kyrgyzstan, promotes religious education to counter extremism and terrorism.

Central Asia's most powerful military is continuing sweeping reforms in order to tackle new challenges.

Alexander Bortnikov, director of the Russian Federal Security Service, said in a recent interview the executions during the 1930s 'had an objective side to them'.

After undergoing training in Syria, Mirlanbek Turdiyev received orders to attack a warship in Vladivostok, but was arrested in Ukraine en route to the target.

Central Asian nations will increase co-operation this year, with leaders potentially meeting for the first time since 2005, Kazakhstani political scientist Erlan Karin predicts.

The region's mountain areas are home to thriving ecosystems and unique communities but are sensitive to changing climatic conditions and exposed to rising disaster risks.

Sixteen schools throughout Kazakhstan in January have begun teaching a new subject for 10th-11th grade students. The course will eventually be taught nationwide.

Joining the WTO will help Uzbekistan break decades of economic isolation, economists predict.

Presidents of Central Asian countries overall called 2017 a year of changes and said they foresee further innovations in 2018.

'The simulation game helped us understand our mistakes and stereotypes and taught us to heed other opinions,' one participant said.

A number of regional and international agreements helped Central Asian states attain substantial GDP growth in 2017.