2017-10-27 | Security

Kazakhstani troops learn to defend bases from terrorists

By Alexander Bogatik

Participating troops demonstrated high readiness, according to their commander.

Troops October 23 in Atyrau hold counter-terrorism exercises. [Kazakhstani Ministry of Defence]

ATYRAU, Kazakhstan -- The Kazakhstani military's Zapad Regional Command conducted large-scale tactical drills this week in western Kazakhstan aimed at securing military units and garrisons from terrorist attacks, according to the Defence Ministry.

The Zapad Regional Command oversees West Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Atyrau and Mangystau provinces and is headquartered in Atyrau city. All units under the command took part in counter-terrorism drills Monday (October 23), according to the ministry.

In addition to securing installations, the drills focused on protecting bases from attack.

"These sorts of exercises enable [troops] to ... prepare for various terrorism scenarios," Valentin Markov, a military basic training instructor from Shymkent, told Caravanserai. "One scenario that [they] have to prepare for is terrorists attempting to seize weapons stored on a base."

Participating soldiers demonstrated full readiness, Lt. Col. Yerzat Orazgaliyev, who commanded the exercises, told Caravanserai.

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