2017-12-19 | Security

Russia 'violates' sovereignty of neighbouring states


A new strategic security document details a litany of subversive activities that Moscow directs in Central Asia and across the world.

A picture taken June 9, 2012, shows Russian soldiers taking part in an exercise in Khujand, Tajikistan. Thousands of Russian troops remain stationed in that country. [AFP PHOTOSTR/AFP]

A picture taken June 9, 2012, shows Russian soldiers taking part in an exercise in Khujand, Tajikistan. Thousands of Russian troops remain stationed in that country. [AFP PHOTOSTR/AFP]

WASHINGTON -- Russia has demonstrated its willingness to violate the sovereignty of independent states as it continues to intimidate its neighbours with threatening behaviour, according to the US government's National Security Strategy released Monday (December 18).

The report details a litany of subversive activities that Moscow directs in Central Asia and across the world, including "nuclear posturing and the forward deployment of offensive capabilities".

"Through modernised forms of subversive tactics, Russia interferes in the domestic political affairs of countries around the world," the document says. "The combination of Russian ambition and growing military capabilities creates an unstable frontier in Eurasia, where the risk of conflict due to Russian miscalculation is growing."

One Russian method of violating states' sovereignty is the spread of false information via social media, according to a new document. [MARTIN BUREAU/AFP]

One Russian method of violating states' sovereignty is the spread of false information via social media, according to a new document. [MARTIN BUREAU/AFP]

In terms of its neighbours, Russia is "determined to make economies less free and less fair [...] and to control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence".

Russia is actively "using information tools in an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of democracies [by targeting] media, political processes, financial networks and personal data".

Moscow is using "propaganda and other means to try to discredit democracy, [advancing] anti-Western views and spread false information to create divisions".

"Russia uses information operations as part of its offensive cyber efforts to influence public opinion across the globe," the report says. "Its influence campaigns blend covert intelligence operations and false online personas with state-funded media, third-party intermediaries, and paid social media users or 'trolls.'"

US interests in Central Asia

In contrast to Russia's subversive activities in Central Asia, the report says the United States seeks "Central Asian states that are resilient against domination by rival powers, are resistant to becoming jihadist safe havens and prioritise reforms".

"US interests in the region include countering terrorist threats [...] preventing cross-border terrorism that raises the prospect of military and nuclear tensions, and preventing nuclear weapons, technology, and materials from falling into the hands of terrorists," the report says.

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Hugh | 2018-01-28

First of all, we know the reason why Russia acted that way in Ukraine. Well, let’s say that Russia invaded other country, and the reason for that are the officials of Ukraine, if they were not fighting for the throne, curbing their hunger Ukraine would be prospering!!! Second thing that shocks me it that “United States seeks "Central Asian states that are resilient against domination by rival powers, are resistant to becoming jihadist safe havens and prioritize reforms”. What difference does it make it to you (America) what kind of states will be in Central Asia?! What is your business with what purpose they will live?! We are not interfering with you and saying that we would like to see such and such state in America?! If officials have belief and good conscious, are afraid of Allah, people are righteous and do only what Allah indicates then InshaAllah obscene countries like Russia and USA will not be able to oppose us!!!

Виктор | 2018-01-25

It's high time to beat up Russia to teach it a lesson.

Россия | 2018-02-28

Go ahead, what's the problem? Beat [Russia] up - or I suppose you are only a hero when you type these kinds of comments.. It's astonishing - how has Russia wronged all of you? I think it is just envy. otherwise you would not be bitter - or if Russia has lapped up all the bread off your tables, then write your president in no uncertain terms: "Don't be as thick as thieves with Putin!" And your lives will get better immediately, dear friend, even though you are no friends of mine

Вася | 2018-01-21

Russia is creeping into Asian countries instead of putting things right at home - [fighting] corruption, chauvinism, crime. Why does Russia need chaos? It has been their ploy for at least 300 years. Someone stealing from and destroying someone else's garden, instead of growing his own garden - this is what Russia is all about.....

Россия | 2018-02-28

Corruption in Central Asia has shot through the roof, and cronyism is a way of life. Don't you dare type Russia with a lower-case "r" - you are not very bright, are you - and remember the saying that it takes two to tango. Abide by your principles, wave goodbye to Russia and, most important, advise your president not to be as thick as thieves with Putin. And everything will be tip-top, with no "Russian world" whatsoever. You will be living in peace and, most of all, Russia is not going to shed a tear, since it definitely doesn't need sidekicks like you ✊

Qair | 2018-01-17

The U.S. act in its own interests as circumstances arise, but always does its homework in advance, laying the groundwork, i.e. [the U.S. is] predictable. The same cannot be said about contemporary Kremlin policy with its blitzkriegs: Transnistria, Georgia, Crimea, Donbass, Luhansk. But this will recede into the past, because Russians will finally start thinking about the root cause of their problems. Krimnash ["Crimea is ours" - a widely popular slogan and hashtag in Russia during and after the annexation of Crimea] hits against a fridge [meaning the costs of the annexation are increasingly become a burden for Russians].

Россия | 2018-02-28

Russia won't invite you to lunch, so don't worry about what it has in its fridge. Keep your mouth shut about Crimea, it is not up to you to decide, and you are not the one who has to live there

Омар | 2018-01-17

Russia is a major threat. When will we understand this? Ukrainians are freaking out over them. We don't want the "Russian world"! [We're] sick of them!

курман | 2018-01-16

Central Asia and Russia have had friendly relations for a very long time. Where were the Yankees then? Luckily, a statesman like Putin is in charge in Russia, and indefatigable Zhirik is in the Duma [Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a prominent eccentric parliamentarian known as Zhirik among his supporters and foes alike. The State Duma is Russia's parliament]. God forbid that bawdy Sobchak or this fop Prokhorov comes to power. Russia will then definitely lose Central Asia to the rotten West. [Ksenia Sobchak is a prominent public figure running for president in 2018, and Mikhail Prokhorov is a well-known tycoon who also demonstrated presidential ambitions in 2012]

Саня | 2018-01-14

You all think that Russia is our friend. Wrong! They want us to work hard for them. Remember the USSR, where Russia took everything and killed everyone who was against that. But people simply needed something to eat. And you keep saying the U.S. destroys everything, everywhere. They make everything, just look at their allies. People live well there. But what does Russia give us, if they can't even provide for themselves? Only Putin and his sycophants live a good life in Russia as people there starve to death. The future of Kazakhstan is friendship and an alliance with the USA, where is no place for Russia. Those who consider Russia a friend are crazy, and they will regret it soon.

Вано | 2018-01-21


Михаил | 2018-01-23

I read the comments posted by "Sanya". But are you really Sanya? You write about the USSR, but what do you know about it? You are either a former "D" student or a neglected moron indeed. It is most likely not one or the other, but you are a man adding fuel to the fire, making your "thirty pieces of silver". People like you just come from a dumpster, and that's where all of you belong! Life will cause everything to pan out, and I think that Kazakhstan and its President should be committed to a mutually fair, friendship with Russia!

Dart | 2018-02-25

"We might be very good friends, but we use different brands of tobacco". Russia uses this very principle. [Russia] does not let us supply our natural gas to Europe, but buys it from us and re-sells [the gas]. Are we building a railway between China and Europe bypassing Russia because we are "friends?"[Russians] don't let Kazkhastani grain exports go through to Europe. Is it because they love us that much? Does friendship mean cutting your friend's line of oxygen? Being friends this way is not particularly desirable. I want a fair partnership, not this kind of "friendship." Well, at least we are not brothers with Russia, like Ukraine. The "brotherly" love of Russia [for Ukraine] is similar to Cain's love for Abel.

Шинтемир | 2018-01-07

It's interesting how America blames Russia for something the U.S. is constantly doing in other countries. It is like what is written in the Bible: "How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye? First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye". Start with yourself, and don't point fingers. It's like the syndrome Adam had: after he committed the sin, he blamed God for giving him a wife who egged him on to commit sin. There is nothing new under the Sun, and if a man does not see his own faults and sins, he will be blaming others and God for his misery. Although people are often guilty themselves, and Satan - but many are not in a rush to blame him, because egoism and ungratefulness make people blind. But the main reason for all of man's misfortunes is sin and a lack of belief in God. And what has mankind achieved, proving to God that man is on his own, and there's no need for God?! Man has shown total incompetence in dealing with even minor problems. Misunderstanding between parents and children, adultery, betrayal between friends, bankruptcy, wars, homeless children, one can go on and on indefinitely, and all you need is to acknowledge your sins to God and ask Him to forgive us for all our sins like egoism, pride, envy, blasphemy, ingratitude, betrayal, greed, irresponsibility, sloth, and other sins. They lead to wars, murder, strife, backstabbing, bankruptcy, perjury, theft, betrayal, etc.

Пётр Ветров | 2018-01-21

As you know, death is unavoidable, but many [people] will have the ability to be reborn, while others will crawl out of caves. One billion [people] is enough in the 21st century. Robots will replace [humans].

Дилобар | 2018-01-06

Those who praise Russia here are likely the trolls this article was written about. War, nukes, and weapons are all that Russia can offer us(((

Россия | 2018-02-28

Refuse everything that Russia has to offer [and that's it] - I do not understand what is the problem. But what market are you going to enter? Are you going to jump over the ocean? Oh, no, I got it - you will saturate China with your goods, right? Otherwise, those poor souls have no idea where to buy anything. No matter how much good Russia does, the result will always be the same. You keep saying that you are not brothers [with Russia], and of course you are not. Russia has its own brothers and [we are] not thrusting ourselves [upon you]. Everything is up to you. If nothing pleases you, then hit the road!

Тулегазы | 2018-01-05

Remember Ukraine - how [they] professed friendship and Slavic brotherhood, how many treaties were signed on the integrity national borders. Then an opportunity came up, and the Russian authorities wiped their asses with those treaties. These Russian authorities shamelessly violate their own laws. They are not to be trusted.

Россия | 2018-02-28

What do you know about Ukraine? I see that you love to show off how smart you are, but in my opinion you are simply a Russophobe!!! If you were independent no one would ever poke their noses into your business. What is your problem? Let your president tell Putin: "Leave us alone!" And that's it, you won't have any more problems, and America is your "faithful friend", so stop whining here!!!!

Махмад | 2018-01-04

I am for Russia and the USSR that used to be - jobs, healthcare, education, and FRIENDSHIP

Дарт | 2018-02-25

Do you remember any more words [learned from] Tricolor TV [Russian digital TV provider]?

Нугман | 2018-01-04

The US has "itchy feet", and it sticks its nose everywhere instead of minding its own business.

Гость | 2018-01-02


Гость | 2018-01-02

We decide for ourselves how we want to act with different people. RUSSIA IS OUR RELIABLE, STRATEGIC PARTNER.

Temur Malik | 2018-03-11

There is an adequate answer for all these primitive "imperialists" from Uzbekistan and other post-Soviet countries. Living in a country for two-three generations (the main Russian-speaking population arrived here after 1941, and then after 1966) and not speaking the language of the country that accommodates and educates you - and being proud of it - represents ignorance at its peak. "Ihtamnety" come from this very social group. [Ihtamnety comes from the Russian "их там нет," or "they are not there." These words are often used in official statements denying Russian military presence in Ukraine. Later, this phrase was turned into a noun humorously depicting Russian troops and mercenaries secretly deployed to Ukraine and Syria]. But thank Allah this is not Ukraine, and demographics does its part. Soldiers of Alexander the Great, Arabs, and Mongols came here. Where are they now? They all assimilated. People of Central Asia are hospitable and kind-hearted, unlike the Balts. We quickly let go of past grievances, and have forgotten the millions of victims sacrificed in the region during colonization and collectivization - and that the tragedy of the Aral [Sea] was not compensated by the "great" country that used our resources and lands for the arms race, and much more. And don't even start talking about the cities, plants and factories, and infrastructure they built for us. Can all of that compensate for the damage stated above?! Besides, our poor compatriots have built 20 "Tashkents" in Russia, starting in the 1990's, but they are still disenfranchised, and do not live in those buildings themselves - unlike those who came to Tashkent either to help or resolve their housing problems. The truth has a reverse side that the colonists do not like to call attention to.

Талга | 2017-12-25

Go, Russia!!!

Ерлан | 2017-12-20

Pure nonsense