Kyrgyz tourists visiting Uzbekistan more than doubled last year


BISHKEK -- Twenty percent of the more than 5 million tourists who visited Uzbekistan last year were Kyrgyz, Uzbek Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Komil Rashidov said Tuesday (January 29) during a briefing in Bishkek, reported.

The number of tourists who visited Uzbekistan in 2018 doubled compared to the number in 2017, according to Rashidov. In 2018, the number of tourists from neighbouring Kyrgyzstan increased almost three-fold from the previous year and reached 1 million.

"The administrations of border provinces and of academic, cultural, youth and religious organisations and travel agencies [in both countries] actively contact each other," Rashidov said.

"In early April, Termez will host the Bakhshi International Arts Festival," he said. "It is gratifying that Kyrgyz representatives of art have already responded to the invitation of the Uzbek side."

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