Unflattering Afghan war film arouses censorship impulses in Russia

The furor comes as Russia whitewashes a conflict it once openly called a blunder.

Russia revises history of Soviet-Afghan war to justify opposition to West

Thirty years after the end of the USSR's bloody occupation of Afghanistan, some of President Vladimir Putin's cronies are attempting to rewrite that story, analysts say.

2018: A year of pivotal events in Central Asia

Central Asian countries have openly demonstrated their foreign policy priorities, in which regional co-operation and partnerships with the United States play a crucial role, observers say.

Pro-Kremlin media launch smear campaign against Caravanserai

The nature of the campaign exposes what Russian President Vladimir Putin and his regime fear the most: the truth.

Pro-Kremlin internet trolls ramp up complex operations in Central Asia

Central Asia, which Moscow has traditionally considered to be within its sphere of influence, is especially at risk because of the prevalence of Russian news sites spreading the Kremlin's propaganda.

Kremlin attempts to dupe Russian speakers with manipulated IS video

The botched video is an example of the failing attempts of the Russian regime to spread unsubstantiated claims -- this one targeting Russian and Arabic speakers.

Russia's hybrid warfare tactics pose 'direct threat' to Central Asia

Moscow has infiltrated Central Asian countries with pro-Russian organisations in an attempt to promote its interests and influence local populations, according to observers.

Is the 'Islamic State' a creation of the West?

An investigation into a prevailing conspiracy theory reveals certain actors actively promote the distortion of facts for their own gain.