World Bank lends Uzbekistan $500 million to sustain economic reforms

The loan is a vote of confidence in Uzbekistan's reforms.

Kazakhstan, US continue to foster economic co-operation amid 'flourishing' relations

American investments contribute significantly to the Kazakh economy, officials and analysts in Nur-Sultan say.

Uzbekistan offers to help develop Afghan textile industry

A modern textile industry will help Afghanistan improve its economy and stability, create jobs and start exports, say specialists.

New power line seen as electricity boon to region

The CASA-1000 aims to deliver summer surplus hydro-power from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to Afghanistan and Pakistan, which suffer from chronic electricity shortages.

Uzbekistan sets sights on fine winemaking

A government-backed effort seeks to increase wine exports and double the area under cultivation by the end of 2021.

Conference highlights Kazakh co-operation with Germany on sustainable agriculture

With 210 million hectares of agricultural land, second in the world, there are 'colossal opportunities' in Kazakhstan in this field.

Central Asian Trade Forum in Tashkent focuses on 'new horizons'

The USAID-funded forum reflects growth in Central Asia's openness to regional and international trade, according to the organisers.

Russian influence wanes in Central Asia amid China's growing economic clout

China's economic investment in Central Asian threatens Russia's interests and influence in the region, analysts say.

Kazakhstan falls victim to Russia-inspired sugar shortage

Russia's coercive economic policies have led to a massive shortage of sugar in Kazakhstan, threatening the livelihoods of local businesses and harming the nation's citizens.

Making toys gives hope to young Kazakhs with disabilities

Jobs are giving previously unemployed young Kazakhs an outlet for their energies and a source of income.

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