EU-backed cleanup of Soviet-era uranium waste in Central Asia set to start in fall

Central Asia served as a key source of uranium in the former Soviet Union, which left behind a host of security and environmental issues.

New EBRD grant is aimed at tackling harmful Soviet uranium legacy in Kyrgyzstan

The former Soviet Union left a trail of toxic devastation for which Russia has shirked responsibility.

World Bank to implement $58 million clean water project in Tajikistan

More than 400,000 inhabitants will gain access to cleaner drinking water and about 100,000 inhabitants will benefit from investments in sanitation facilities under the project.

World Bank helps enhance Central Asian weather, climate and water information

The Central Asia Hydrometeorology Modernisation Project has benefited Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan greatly.

International donors pledge $10 million to help Kyrgyzstan address climate change

The Green Climate Fund is allocating the funds as part of a UN World Food Programme project to help the country adapt to severe weather changes.

Bishkek authorities to improve monitoring of pollution levels, fine violators

Three new environmental installations are expected to measure the pollution levels in Bishkek and will help authorities to reduce the smog hanging over the city.

EU helps Central Asia contend with radioactive waste left by Russia

The European Union will allocate €10 million for the treatment of hazardous uranium tailings impoundments in the region leftover from the Soviet Union and Russian negligence.

Russia-backed nuclear project in Uzbekistan raises questions of safety, influence

Some analysts are viewing the effort as politically driven, while environmentalists are already sounding the alarm.

Botched Russian Soyuz launch alarms Kazakh environmentalists

Activists are calling on the government to declare the Baikonur Cosmodrome an environmental disaster zone and force Russia to leave the space port.

Central Asia eyes new financial means to weather natural disasters

Central Asia experienced catastrophic natural disasters throughout the 20th century, and international bodies like the World Bank have programs to help make the region more financially resilient during future events.

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