Kyrgyzstan's new cybersecurity strategy aims to protect state, personal data

The 'Cybersecurity Strategy of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2019-2023' will develop measures to protect Kyrgyz citizens, businesses and institutions from hackers and cyber espionage.

Kazakh telecom operators announce up to 50% price drop

Taking a cue from President Nursultan Nazarbayev's call to reduce the cost of public utilities, telecoms are dropping rates by 5%-50% for all subscribers.

Astana Hub to become 'Silicon Valley of Kazakhstan': officials

Kazakhstan marked the official opening of the work of the Astana Hub International Technology Park of IT Startups.

New regulations in Uzbekistan detail procedures to block extremist websites

Uzbekistan has adopted rules for blocking sites containing information prohibited by law, such as extremism, separatism, drug propaganda, pornography and other threats to national security.

Combines made by US company to help Kazakhstan modernise agriculture

Kazakh farmers can see for themselves the benefit and savings of using the unmanned combines made by US company John Deere, officials say.

Kazakhstan's cyber-security agreement with Russia deemed unwise

Kazakhstan is inviting the fox to guard the chicken coop, security analysts warn.

Telegram, stifled in Russian and Iran, gains popularity in Central Asia

Central Asians gladly use a popular encrypted messaging app that authorities in Russia and Iran are trying to deny their citizens.

Kyrgyzstan takes action to protect 'vulnerable' youth population from propaganda

An alarming 61% of youth 'trust the information disseminated on social networks', according to a survey of Kyrgyz youth.

Uzbekistani legal system gets technology upgrade with help from US, UN

Computers provided by the Rule of Law Partnership in Uzbekistan are helping to modernise record-keeping in Uzbekistani courts.