Kazakhstan blocks thousands of websites with extremist content

The internet continues to be the main method of recruitment by terrorist organisations, Kazakh analysts warn.

Central Asia leads international efforts to repatriate families from Syria, Iraq

Evacuations of Central Asian citizens from conflict areas are intensifying as survivors describe the horrors of living among 'Islamic State' members.

Kazakh officials, clergy team up to combat online extremist recruiting

Youth have an information vacuum that is filled either with reliable information about spiritual values or with destructive ideas, observers say.

Al-Qaeda heir Hamza bin Laden 'dead'

The son of deceased al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden died sometime within the past two years, confirmed US officials.

Lead UN investigator likens IS to Nazi war criminals, calls for trials

Only trials where evidence and testimony are accessible to everyone can turn the page on the 'Islamic State', said UN investigator Karim Khan.

Turkmen IS militants relocate to Afghanistan after defeat in Syria

A large number of the estimated 400 Turkmen militants who fought for the 'Islamic State' in Syria and Iraq and survived are now in parts of Afghanistan that border Turkmenistan.

Kazakh woman recounts 'total fear' during time with IS in Syria

Aida Sarina, recently repatriated from the Middle East, described horrifying scenes of life under the terrorists, including mothers digging graves for their children with their bare hands.

Tajik woman released from Afghan prison tells story of falling for IS propaganda

After following her husband to Afghanistan, she says that the insurgents 'deceived' them.

Threat from 'Islamic State' looms in Afghanistan

IS fighters who waged a bloody campaign in Iraq and Syria are heading to Afghanistan to continue their violent insurgency and help plot attacks against the United States.

Uzbekistan begins rehabilitation of repatriated 'victims of deception' from Syria

The Uzbek government is continuing efforts to return thousands of its citizens from war zones in the Middle East, and attempt to reintegrate them into society.

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