Friction in Central Asia sours relations between Xi and 'best friend' Putin

Previous assumptions about the interests of Russia and China in the region -- a kind of gentleman's agreement in which Moscow protects while Beijing invests -- are being overturned.

Surxondaryo grows as centre of Uzbek-Afghan co-operation

The Uzbek province on the Afghan border has been a focal point in recent years for co-operation in the education, trade and investment sectors.

Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan fully resume diplomatic ties amid renewed co-operation

The revival of Kyrgyzstan's embassy in Afghanistan will help solve security issues and improve trade and economic relations in the region, observers say.

Uzbek ambassador to Pakistan promotes education as means to end terrorism

Uzbek Ambassador to Pakistan Furqat Sidiqov spoke of enhanced co-operation between Uzbekistan and Pakistan and their shared goal of ending terrorism in the region.

EU prepares new Central Asia strategy aimed at improved co-operation

Plans include having Afghan girls and women study in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, starting this year.

Calls grow for Russia to pay restitution for Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

Russia should pay restitution to the Afghan people, rather than meddling in Afghanistan's internal affairs and supporting the Taliban, local officials and analysts say.

Central Asian states eye burgeoning co-operation to resolve regional issues

Regional co-operation is being heightened in all areas, and the countries are resolving their biggest regional problems -- security, border demarcation and water use -- 'on a systemic basis'.

'Outrageous' Sputnik article is Russia's latest attempt to spread fear in Central Asia

Russian news website Sputnik is continuing to publish articles aimed at misleading readers and inciting hatred between the countries of Central Asia and the United States.

Kremlin attempts to derail Afghan peace process by hosting new 'talks'

A second meeting in Moscow -- this time between Taliban representatives and Afghan opposition politicians -- is yet another attempt by Russia to sabotage the peace process.

Russia issues new threats as deadline to save INF Treaty expires

The Kremlin plans to fund research and development of new weapons, even as it continues to deny the SSC-8/9M729 cruise missile system violates the landmark nuclear missile treaty.

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