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To increase efficiency and share costs, farmers are forming co-ops., an electronic job placement centre launched in January, has already helped 19,000 Kazakhstanis find employment across the country.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) plans to teach employees of financial organisations how to set up appropriate loans for small businesses.

Joining the WTO will help Uzbekistan break decades of economic isolation, economists predict.

Presidents of Central Asian countries overall called 2017 a year of changes and said they foresee further innovations in 2018.

A number of regional and international agreements helped Central Asian states attain substantial GDP growth in 2017.

Bilateral trade this year will exceed last year's indicators, reaching almost $1.7 billion (549.5 billion KZT), according to trade officials.

Global competitiveness, a green economy, privatisation and infrastructure are among top priorities Kazakhstan and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development agreed upon.

Loans to farmers and agro-firms are creating 2,500 job opportunities across Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan prides itself on its diverse melons and other agricultural products, and hopes to make inroads into a new American market.

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