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For the first time in years Kyrgyz farmers and business owners crossed over the border on a officially sanctioned visit to sell and buy goods in Tajikistan.

For the first time in 25 years of independence, Tajikistan hosted a trade fair of Uzbekistan's exports.

The government May 5 will discuss allowing any Uzbekistani citizen to buy real estate in Tashkent and to reside there legally.

Recently restored air travel links and joint business projects show the two countries' growing interests toward each other, observers say.

Officials are considering ideas such as establishing a duty-free zone and a tourism police force.

The main challenges the ten Economic Co-operation Organisation (ECO) countries face are extremism, terrorism and drug trafficking, officials say.

An electrified railway will reduce the cost of shipping and boost trade, stakeholders say.

The two countries agreed to work together to fight extremism and enhance economic relations.

New jobs and improved social conditions will help fight extremism in Afghanistan and increase security on the Uzbek-Afghan border, observers say.

New apartment buildings for Uzbekistani troops opened across the country on May 31 and June 10.

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