Tourists express amazement during visit to Central Asia's ancient cities

'I love the people' was a common sentiment among a group of American tourists on a recent multi-country tour of the region's oldest cities.

World Bank project to transform access to water in Uzbekistani province

The project aims to improve the situation in Syrdarya Province and provide access to safe drinking water for its approximately 280,000 residents.

Uzbekistan launches 'Samarkand City' project

Officials want to double the number of tourists in Samarkand by 2021.

Uzbekistani banking reforms could stimulate business, ease citizens' lives

Uzbekistani citizens unwilling to buy hard currency -- dollars, euros, etc. -- on the black market experience various hardships and inconveniences stemming from official policies.

Businesses in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan taking advantage of thawing relations

Trade between the two countries is flourishing as the two sides seek warmer and more-lucrative ties.

Uzbekistan places 'special emphasis' on Afghanistan

Uzbekistani officials are offering to help build Afghanistan and calling for the international community to aid their war-stricken neighbour.

Interest in co-operation with Tajik firms is growing, observers say

By developing trade and reducing poverty, Tajikistan is eliminating grounds for radicalisation, say observers.

New era of co-operation between Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan bringing benefits

Citizens of both countries are enjoying easier border crossings, while businesses plan ambitious joint ventures.

Cross-border trade increases between Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

For the first time in years Kyrgyz farmers and business owners crossed over the border on a officially sanctioned visit to sell and buy goods in Tajikistan.

Recent trade fair heralds deepening Uzbekistan-Tajikistan ties

For the first time in 25 years of independence, Tajikistan hosted a trade fair of Uzbekistan's exports.

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