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A programme to translate 100 internationally recognised textbooks into the Kazakh language will help shape a new generation of young scholars, officials say.

The World Bank is supporting Uzbekistan's effort to invest in preschool education, which has significant, long-lasting social and economic benefits for children, their families and society at large.

The Atyrau provincial government is keeping an eye on kindergartens that appear to be pushing non-secular education, and potentially religious extremism, on their pupils.

International donors are helping Kyrgyzstan improve the educational environment in schools nationwide, project co-ordinators say.

Since the beginning of USAID's efforts, reading and comprehension of Kygyz schoolchildren have improved, project co-ordinators say.

Young people in Uzbekistan are showing more interest in studying at American universities as a way to boost their employability at home.

Sixteen schools throughout Kazakhstan in January have begun teaching a new subject for 10th-11th grade students. The course will eventually be taught nationwide.

A new education centre, transportation links and an upcoming visit by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani are all indicators of stronger bilateral relations.

Some students and parents are refusing to remove their headscarves, citing constitutional rights.

Recruiters from select US universities toured local schools and universities across Kazakhstan to talk with students about educational opportunities in the US.

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