Human Rights

Economic risks spur concern over Kyrgyz remittances from Russia

Kyrgyz authorities have expressed concern about the strengthening of economic ties with Russia and the economy's dependence on events there.

US grant to help Kazakhstan build network against human trafficking

Only teamwork between NGOs and government agencies can bring effective results in the fight against human trafficking in Central Asia, analysts say.

In step to ensure human rights, Kyrgyzstan ratifies UN pact on disabilities

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities seeks to ensure their rights and freedoms.

Kremlin evades historical facts of devastating 1930s famine in Kazakhstan

Russia fears historical responsibility and refuses to admit that the Soviet regime deliberately created the famine.

Xenophobia towards Uzbek, Tajik migrants seen rising in Russia

Sociologists and independent polls report 'a sharp increase in xenophobia among Russians' over the past year.

Central Asian migrants eye Kazakhstan as alternative to Russia

Facing injustice, racism and extortion in Russia, more Central Asian migrants are looking for a better life in Kazakhstan.

Central Asia looks on as Kremlin attempts to whitewash repression

Russia is trying to forget the brutal period of former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, but activists and relatives of the victims are keeping the memory alive.

Kazakhs speak out about illegal detentions in China's Xinjiang

Family members of Kazakh citizens are getting caught up in the sweeping arrests being made by Chinese authorities in Xinjiang, where more than 1.5 million ethnic Kazakhs live.

In photos: live-action simulations of human trafficking raids in Kazakhstan

The unique training organised by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) involves professional actors and true stories of human trafficking.

Kyrgyz migrants seeking better life in Russia face injustice, prejudice

Central Asian migrants working in Russia face numerous human rights violations, including physical violence, sexual assault, poor working conditions and non-payment of salaries.

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