Airport sermons urge Uzbek migrants to avoid extremists' influence in Russia

The Committee for Religious Affairs is regularly conducting sermons at the airport for passengers departing to Russia for work where migrants are often subject to brainwashing and recruitment.

Kyrgyzstan moves to reform religious education, curb radical teachings

Kyrgyz authorities plan to introduce a number of rules and restrictions as part of the fight against the spread of non-traditional Islam.

Kazakhstan looks to spiritual education system to stem youth radicalisation

'Genuine knowledge' could shield the younger generation from extremists' radicalisation efforts, say specialists.

Religious leaders in Central Asia pledge to unify efforts toward common goals

Spiritual leaders from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan have recently discussed enhanced co-operation on a number of issues, including preventing extremism.

'Islamic State' mocks burning of Notre Dame Cathedral, calling it 'retribution'

The statement is the latest sign of IS's disregard for cultural heritage and its spurious interpretation of Islam.

Kazakh NGOs launch new projects in fight against extremism

The growing engagement of local NGOs in Kazakhstan's religious life 'is a great assistance to the state in the fight against violent extremism', observers say.

Kazakhstan reforms ministries in bid to tackle radicalism

Recent moves in government are aimed at strengthening control over suspicious religious activity across the country, say observers.

Pope and top Muslim cleric call for freedom of belief, tolerance

The joint statement is considered an 'important step forward in the dialogue between Christians and Muslims'.

Al-Qaeda calls for the destruction of IS and its 'deviant' caliph al-Baghdadi

Al-Qaeda says 'Islamic State' members are unable to understand Islamic texts and are bent on carrying out treason and treachery wherever they have influence. The same however could be said of al-Qaeda.

Kazakhstan's spiritual administration details 2018 achievements

Among other achievements, more than 500 Kazakh citizens abandoned radicalism last year, according to the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan (DUMK).

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