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Amendments to existing religious law aim to expand the ability of authorities against individuals or groups spreading extremist or radical views.

Collaboration among the government, imams, elders, religious scholars, law enforcement and the film industry is already seeing results.

Umma, the first and only Muslim magazine in Kyrgyzstan, promotes religious education to counter extremism and terrorism.

The Spiritual Administration for Muslims of Kazakhstan (DUMK) has convinced nearly 5,000 extremists to abandon their radical thoughts, clerics say.

Poor religious education creates a breeding ground for radical organisations, warn scholars and analysts.

The centre aims to unite Uzbeks to fight extremism through scientific study of Islamic history and culture, authorities say.

The proposed rules are meant to protect the public, say officials.

In the 1990s, the country had only 39 mosques. Now it has nearly 3,000.

The Uakyp Foundation will help clergy step up rehabilitation of radicalised individuals, say its founders.

A hotline to counsel callers affected by extremism has been serving the public since last December.

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