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A planning document, approved by the president, urges stronger measures to combat alien, spurious teachings.

The Laureate of Astana award is meant to encourage efforts to reverse any gains by extremism.

Clergy are using social media to promote tolerance and kindness during the holy month of Ramadan.

The country recently designated a new Islamic university and plans to offer studies in Islamic civilisation at another facility of higher learning.

This photo essay explores how some Muslims in Kyrgyzstan celebrate the holy month.

Clerics should pay attention to their congregations' moods and help solve personal problems that unaddressed can lead to radicalisation, observers say.

President Nazarbayev and society are calling on Islamic authorities to provide continuing education for imams and scholars.

The aim of the programme is to reach the minority population that does not speak Kazakh and to veer them away from radical ideas.

Educational programmes nationwide are meant to address past deficiencies in imams' knowledge of Islam.

The Spiritual Administration for the Muslims of Kazakhstan is working to protect mosques from disorderly attendees.