Science & Technology

Kremlin jails nuclear scientists responsible for Russia's 'invincible' new weapons

Recent imprisonments of accomplished Russian nuclear weapons scientists raise further questions about the dubious claims made about new nuclear capable missiles and systems.

Netherlands says it has proof of Russian violation of INF treaty

Dutch officials are backing up the long-standing assertion that Russia is flouting the landmark agreement of international security.

Kazakhstan makes strides in becoming 'innovative ecosystem' of IT

The Kazakh government is offering professional training, grants, jobs and other support to encourage young IT specialists at home and abroad.

Kazakhstan expands government programme to increase computer literacy

The state-funded programme will enable more than a half-million Kazakhs to advance their computer skills in various information technologies.

'Go Viral' festival empowers entrepreneurs, innovators in Central Asia

More than 1,500 people from across the region attended lectures, master classes and business meetings during the three-day festival in Almaty.

With help from USAID, Kyrgyz women take leading role in vegetable farming

Greenhouses are extending the growing season and diversifying the crops produced in Kyrgyzstan's mountainous areas.

Astana expects more than 2 million visitors for EXPO-2017

The international fair will help Kazakhstan to attract foreign investors and develop tourism, experts believe.