Afghanistan will extradite extremists to Uzbekistan

The countries' top diplomats signed an extradition treaty October 17 in Tashkent.

Uzbekistan strengthens efforts to fight online extremist recruiting

Intensified use of the internet for terrorist purposes alarms analysts and officials.

Uzbekistan, Afghanistan join efforts against terrorism

Uzbek officials say peace in Afghanistan will bring new opportunities for Central Asian countries.

Turkmenistan strengthens efforts against drug trafficking

The country's Criminal Code provides sentences for drug trafficking - long prison time, with no eligibility for parole or clemency - that are just as harsh as those specified for extremism and terrorism.

Israeli specialists help Kazakhstan to fight terrorism

Kazakhstani and Israeli experts, security officials are working together to strengthen fight against extremism and terrorism.

Tajikistani youth co-operate with MVD to combat terrorism

Tajikistan's Interior Ministry (MVD) is encouraging Tajikistani youth, especially college students, to join the MVD voluntary people's patrol to fight terrorism and extremism.

Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan strengthen security

The countries are co-operating on security.

Uzbekistan to guard youth from extremist influence

Authorities and scholars are joining efforts to enact a new government policy for youth that that is meant to defuse extremism's appeal.

Uzbekistan keeps sharp eye on Afghan border

Extremists and smugglers are not going to breach Uzbekistan's modern fortifications, officials say.

Special task force created in Aktobe Province to prevent extremism

Aktobe officials are battling the extremism that inspired a deadly attack in their capital June 5.

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