US military schools offer unique experience for young Kazkahstanis

The growing interest in the US military education system among Kazakhstanis is not surprising given on-going co-operation between the the two countries.

Russia caught spreading 'barrage of lies' on social media

The Russian Ministry of Defence attempted to pass off images from a video game as 'proof' the US military was aiding militants. Social media users debunked Moscow's claims.

US deemed 'key partner' in Kazakhstan's fight against drug trafficking

Among a number of initiatives, a US-funded centre in Almaty trains Kazakhstani police how to handle K9 dogs search for illegal drugs.

Kazakhstan hosts international training course on ordnance disposal

The Kazakhstani Defence Ministry and the OSCE jointly hosted the training with the support of the US State Department.

Kazakhstani troops learn to defend bases from terrorists

Participating troops demonstrated high readiness, according to their commander.

Kyrgyzstan on high alert against returning militants

Central Asian nationals who fought alongside terrorists in Syria are returning to their homelands to plan terror attacks, suggest recent arrests.

In photos: Kyrgyz military conducts anti-terrorism drills

Officials warn of the human costs that extremist delusions have inflicted on Kyrgyzstan.

Not one member of Kyrgyz military has been radicalised, says official

Authorities are aware of the high stakes, given the danger posed by a radicalised person with military training and access to weapons.

Kazakhstan intensifies efforts to prevent radicalisation of security personnel

The Ministry of Defence is expecting to hold 7,000 anti-extremism outreach events in 2017.

In photos: Kazakhstani, Kyrgyz military sappers hone skills together

Joint exercises will help prevent potential terrorist attacks and increase regional security, say specialists and officials.

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