Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan step up military co-operation

Their first-ever military pact turns Central Asia's largest countries into strategic partners, say observers.

Tajikistan prepares for potential migration of extremists

Militants who regard Afghanistan and Pakistan as 'Khorasan Province' in their idea of a caliphate could move the theatre of war from the Middle East to Central Asia, observers warn.

Afghanistan concerned by Russian pro-Taliban meddling

Russia provides weapons and financial support to the Taliban, undermining the Afghan government's counter-terrorism efforts, say officials.

Tashkent police secure city as Independence Day nears

Uzbekistan ranked second in a worldwide survey of respondents' sense of security, but police are taking no chances.

Exercise Steppe Eagle prepares Kazakhstani peace-keepers for crises

Kazakhstani soldiers are gaining 'invaluable experience' during Exercise Steppe Eagle, say observers.

In Tajikistan, Exercise Regional Co-operation 2017 opens up new possibilities

The drill is meant to strengthen security in Tajikistan and its neighbours as well as to boost regional co-operation, say organisers.

Joint military exercise underscores common challenges to Central Asia

The exchange of ideas and experiences during the exercise helps build trust, build up security and stability in Central Asia, observers say.

Regional military co-operation opens new prospects for Tajikistan

Tajik and foreign troops are learning from each other in Exercise Regional Co-operation 2017.

Kazakhstani authorities work to stem propagation of 'destructive content'

Five state agencies work together to block illegal content online as well as seize printed materials with radical views.

EU to reinforce security co-operation with Central Asia

EU intends to strengthen co-operation with Central Asian states to fight terrorism and increase border security, EU representatives to Kyrgyzstan say.

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