Kazakhstan tightens train, airport security

New security procedures will help protect railway terminals and airports from potential terrorist attacks, officials say

Iran missile test tops long list of provocations

The regime has repeatedly breached international laws and agreements in a series of violations that threaten regional security, experts say.

Uzbekistan maneuvers to face changing security threats

The country is determined to modernise its military and to revise its counter-terrorism strategy, officials say.

Kazakhstan asks citizens to report terrorist threats on new website

Law enforcement agencies are encouraging members of the public to help the authorities prevent potential acts of terrorism.

Tajikistan moves to new phase of counter-terrorism strategy

The plan is to create a mechanism over the next year to thwart the radicalisation that leads to terrorism, officials say.

Kazakhstan takes 'unprecedented' security measures for Universiade

More than 7,000 police and other security personnel will guard the athletic facilities, authorities say.

Uzbekistan takes measures to prevent truck terrorist attacks

The country is launching a system that will enable officers to halt or shut down hijacked vehicles remotely.

Aktobe Province strengthens anti-extremism efforts

Authorities are implementing a number of projects to calm a province hit by a recent terrorist attack.

EU, OSCE co-operation helps Uzbekistan fight terrorism

The programmes are helping prevent the spread of terrorism and extremism in the region, officials say.

Turkmenistan concerned over fate of citizens in Turkey

Stories in Turkish media about the suspected involvement of Turkmen migrants in various crimes and militancy have Ashgabat concerned.

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