Uzbekistan adopts first-ever law on police

Acting President Mirziyoyev signed the historic document September 17.

Uzbekistan defends airspace from terrorist drones

Uzbekistan recently introduced regulations on the use of drones in its airspace.

New Uzbek president vows to strengthen security

Acting President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is urging law enforcement to maintain the country's security.

Uzbekistan joins CIS police to fight extremism

Uzbekistan is teaming up with CIS countries, especially Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, to combat extremism, recruitment and drug trafficking.

Kyrgyzstan strengthens penalties for forging passports

The government plans to introduce biometric passports to combat identity theft and terrorism.

Uzbek army to protect country from extremists

Uzbekistani forces are continuing to train for the never-ending task of safeguarding their country from extremists.

Kyrgyz security firms combat extremism

Defeating extremism will take a combined effort of the public and private sectors, observers say.

Uzbek undergraduates to defend country's IT security

Universities are preparing to train students in IT security.

Turkmenistan showcases military power

The country is demonstrating its readiness to confront terrorists and other threats.

Kazakhstan conducts counter-terrorism exercises

Terrorist massacres in Aktobe and Almaty during the summer have raised anxieties.

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