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For centuries, the nomadic Kyrgyz people travelled freely across Central and South Asia, fording rivers and cutting across snow-capped mountains. Today a handful of them are stuck on the "roof of the world".

Alexander Bortnikov, director of the Russian Federal Security Service, said in a recent interview the executions during the 1930s 'had an objective side to them'.

A memorial museum would ensure the dark era of the group's rule over parts of the Middle East will not be forgotten and serve as a testimony of its crimes for generations to come.

A Tajik grandmother in her 70s dreams of travelling to the United States.

The sounds of jazz brought together diverse crowds in four cities in a month-long event.

The government is soliciting public input on its 2017-2020 anti-terrorism programme.

The government is trying to break away from the Soviet-era preference for fluency in Russian.