In photos: colourful outfits, ethnic cuisine mark People's Unity Day in Kazakhstan

The public holiday was established in 1996 to promote inter-ethnic harmony and peace in Kazakhstan.

US partners with Uzbekistan to develop intellectual property protection

The United States is helping to boost development and thwart extremism in Uzbekistan by shielding innovation.

Kazakhstan increases targeted social assistance for large, low-income families

The approach to social assistance for large, low-income families puts Kazakhstan ahead of other Central Asian countries in that regard, officials say.

Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan relations get boost with new bus, plane routes

New transport options reflect moves by the two countries to enhance ties.

New service centres symbolise ongoing police reforms in Kazakhstan

New, modernised offices are helping police provide better service to civilians and help prevent corruption, law enforcement officials say.

Kyrgyzstan tightens laws to ensure public order, protect the environment

Kyrgyz society is in a heated debate about the new rules, which include hefty fines for traffic violations, spitting on the street and burning garbage.

Kazakh film 'Ayka' makes Oscar shortlist for best foreign-language film

The film tells the story of a Kyrgyz woman working illegally in Moscow, who abandons her child at first but then does everything she can to find him.

In photos: A New Year's winter fairy tale in the streets of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's cities are dressed up for the upcoming New Year, with preparations under way to say good bye to the old year and to welcome 2019.

Kazakhstan's success against poverty seen as key part in radicalisation fight

A major drop in poverty in Kazakhstan over the past two decades has helped limit the effectiveness of terrorist recruiters.

In photos: Uzbek food festival in Astana shows off national dishes

Hundreds of Astana residents and other guests visited the exhibition to listen to Uzbek pop performers and to taste a different national cuisine.

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