Kazakhstan's success against poverty seen as key part in radicalisation fight

A major drop in poverty in Kazakhstan over the past two decades has helped limit the effectiveness of terrorist recruiters.

In photos: Uzbek food festival in Astana shows off national dishes

Hundreds of Astana residents and other guests visited the exhibition to listen to Uzbek pop performers and to taste a different national cuisine.

Astana showcases Kazakh culture with 'Land of the Great Steppe' festival

The main goal of the event is to preserve historical values and transfer them to new generations, said the Astana government.

In photos: Residents, tourists marvel at Astana's street art

The artwork has 'enlivened the city', said one comment online.

Central Asians drop Russian names: 'We have our own culture'

Many residents see no reason to keep names ending in '-ov' or '-ev' 27 years after the fall of the Soviet Union.

High hopes in Kyrgyzstan for upcoming World Nomad Games

The 3rd iteration of the event is expected to draw 60,000 people this year, and officials hope the games will boost the country's image abroad.

In photos: Kazakhstan celebrates 20th anniversary of Astana's capital status

Citizens last Friday celebrated the 'Day of the Capital' with concerts, dance performances, patriotic events and a fireworks display.

In photos: Astana hosts international nomadic festival

The International Festival of Nomadic Culture 'Koshpendiler Alemi' put the spirit of nomadic culture and pastimes on display.

'City of Artisans' to boost international tourism to Taraz

The project is part of an effort to bring as many as 700,000 tourists to Taraz each year.

Afghanistan's ethnic Kyrgyz trapped on the 'roof of the world'

For centuries, the nomadic Kyrgyz people travelled freely across Central and South Asia, fording rivers and cutting across snow-capped mountains. Today a handful of them are stuck on the 'roof of the world'.

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