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Art helps convicted terrorists develop a sense of responsibility for their deeds, psychologists say.

Ravaged by air strikes and declining morale, IS in Afghanistan has responded to its increasingly desperate situation by manipulating society's most vulnerable members -- children.

The various Nasriddinov relatives were part of 28 would-be militants who tried to cross from Turkey into Syria in three SUVs. Their vehicle was stopped by Turkish police.

Central Asian officials are monitoring the movement of militants returning to their home countries from 'hot spots'.

Militants coming to Afghanistan on behalf of the 'Islamic State' will find only death at the hands of Afghan and coalition forces, popular uprisings against militants, and resistance even from the Taliban.

Terrorism continues to be a concern and the government's efforts to eliminate extremism merit support, according to the majority of respondents in a recent Uzbekistani poll.

Kazakhstan's first TV series on extremism is set to air in mid-March. Filmmakers worked closely with security agencies to make the production as realistic as possible.

The return of ex-militants to their homeland is the result of joint efforts by law enforcement, security agencies, clergy, local authorities and family members.

The state programme sets four tasks: preventing extremism, reducing radicalism, stopping planned terrorist acts and successfully reacting to terrorist acts that have been committed.

Rakhmat Akilov, a 39-year-old Uzbekistani asylum seeker, faces a life sentence if convicted.

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