Uzbekistani authorities arrest 4 Hizb ut-Tahrir suspects in Tashkent

The suspects, two men and two women, were detained in a counter-terrorism operation in Tashkent, according to police.

Trial of Uzbekistani suspect in Istanbul terror attack begins

The order for the New Year's Day attack on the Reina nightclub came from a senior Russian Syria-based IS extremist named Islam Atabiyev, codenamed Abu Jihad, Turkish authorities say.

Kazakhstan, Pakistan run joint counter-terrorism exercises

Kazakhstan participated in the 'Friendship 2017' international counter-terrorism exercises in Pakistan that ended this week.

Almaty police arrest Kazakh 'jihad' group in planning stages of attack

The suspects appeared in a video using the Kazakh language, threatening law enforcement and government personnel.

Kazakhstan steps up arrests of individuals spreading extremist ideology

In one recent operation, the country's intelligence service arrested 10 people who were spreading 'Islamic State' propaganda via online social networks.

Kazakhstan hunts for online, printed extremist material

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Civil Society is scanning the internet, including social media, and bookstores for banned content.

'Islamic State' left clinging to scraps in Iraq and Syria

The group has lost 95% of the cross-border 'caliphate' it declared in Iraq and Syria in 2014.

Central Asians among assailants in 2016 Istanbul airport attack

The trial has begun for 46 suspects accused of being involved in the deadly attack.

Newly released bin Laden documents shed light on al-Qaeda-Iran relations

Senior al-Qaeda leaders' apparent ability to function under Iranian protection supports claims that Tehran and bin Laden had a working relationship.

Extremist inmates need customised rehabilitation programmes: expert

One study of convicted extremists in Central Asia, concluded this year, found gender-specific motivations among men and women.

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