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The 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant' suffered heavy losses last year in terms of both money and manpower, experts tell Diyaruna.

Women are increasingly vulnerable to terrorist recruiters, an NGO report warns.

Some extremist recruiters are turning out to be well educated and persuasive individuals, authorities warn.

The group's cells were run from abroad, detainees said in a recent televised interview.

Authorities are strengthening their monitoring of suspected Kyrgyz militants who are coming back from Middle Eastern wars.

As international forces bear down on the 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant', experts warn that the group's fighters will join ranks with al-Qaeda.

The country is coming to grips with the reality that hundreds of its citizens have joined extremist groups around the world.

The government is seeking public co-operation in locating citizens who joined militants in Syria and Iraq.

Ongoing efforts on both sides of border are undermining the financial viability of militants in Afghanistan who depend heavily on drugs for income.

Of the estimated 600 Kyrgyz civilians who have left to join extremist groups in Iraq and Syria, many have ended up dead.

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