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Policies that marginalise citizens could end up "driving" people into the hands of terrorists, UN Secretary-General António Guterres warned.

Parviz Kosimov's return from Syria gives hope to Tajik parents whose sons left to wage 'jihad' in the Middle East.

Tajik villager Parviz Kosimov described his 9 months as an 'Islamic State' militant in Syria exclusively to Caravanserai.

The threat is not diminishing and requires continued pushback, say observers and lawmakers.

The new centre expected to begin operating July 1st will eventually have a stock exchange and independent financial courts.

The two groups are killing each other over the ability to plunder long-suffering civilians.

The death toll is mounting among the Uzbekistanis and ethnic Uzbeks who have joined the ongoing wars in the Middle East.

As Iraqi forces advance in west Mosul, IS fighters are using civilians to block their fire and as bait to draw them into the open.

In a recent audio message, the al-Qaeda leader appears to be trying to rebuild the group by luring in extremist fighters from other factions.

Journalists, public figures and the clergy are working together to prevent radicalism in the country.