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Women's Rights

The 3-year project is aimed at tackling the root causes of violence against women, such as gender stereotypes and harmful gender norms.

One in three Central Asian women endures beatings, sexual abuse or other mistreatment, according to UN Women.

Challenging stereotypes, self-proclaimed religious women who choose to wear the hijab are becoming business owners, working in professional jobs and taking part in sports.

'We often hear that Islam means women wearing the hijab, doing housework and submitting to their husbands'. Work is being done in Kyrgyzstan to change such ideas.

Kyrgyz women are making a significant contribution to battling terrorism, say observers and officials.

Lawmakers are working on a new bill to enable prosecution of imams who perform nikah to facilitate polygamy.

Kyrgyz women are fighting a 'tradition' that degrades them.

Some Kazakhstani women have not benefited from the progress enjoyed by others more fortunate in the country.

The Iraqi Women Network has been working to help communities affected by 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant' violence to move forward.

On the eve of Mother's Day, Al-Mashareq spoke to three women who are demonstrating resilience amid adversity in very different ways.

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