UN project to help Kyrgyzstan prevent youth radicalisation

The Jash Stan project helps youth and government agencies unite efforts in peace-building and in fighting extremism.

Kazakhstan works on planning document for military-patriotic movement

Leaders of the Religious Affairs and Civil Society Ministry and the Youth Congress of Kazakhstan are preparing a document to present to President Nursultan Nazarbayev by the end of 2017.

Uzbekistan launches youth policy to fight terrorism, foster opportunities

The Youth Union of Uzbekistan is expected to become the main body for supporting youths' development, defending their rights and preventing their radicalisation.

Kyrgyz NGO fights extremism by using social media

Search for Common Ground is using a new model to combat extremism and terrorism.

Uzbekistan offers 'safe internet' for youth

The government is trying various means to prevent youth radicalisation.

Kyrgyz youth engaging in fight against extremism

Involving youth in political life and developing educational programmes on Islam are said to be the best ways to fight radicalisation.

Worries grow over the radicalisation of children in Kyrgyzstan

The extremists often engage their own children in terrorist activities, keep them out of public school and force them to attend unlicenced seminaries.

Turkmenistan to protect students from extremism

Officials and religious scholars are holding meetings with Turkmen students, studying abroad, to protect them from potential influence of extremist organisations.

Uzbek youth organisations condemn terrorism

Youth are seeking a peaceful life and reject the hatred espoused by extremists.