1. Education

    Kazakh, US scholars raise awareness of 1930s Soviet-induced famine

  2. Diplomacy

    Russia to deliver advanced spy satellite to Iran

  3. Politics

    Kazakhstan splits with Russia on EEU response to Western sanctions

How should China be held accountable for its crimes against Muslims in Xinjiang?

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  1. Health

    United States to donate 500 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to world

  2. Politics

    Russian prison labour initiative draws ire of Central Asian migrant workers

  3. Analysis

    'New dangers' arising as Russia and China tighten military, political ties

  1. Business

    USAID helps agricultural producers in Tajikistan find partners for new markets

  2. Human Rights

    Tribunal investigates China's genocide of Muslims in Xinjiang

  3. Energy

    US provides energy, earthquake detection aid to Central Asia

  4. Business

    Central Asian firms gain access to global e-commerce platform Amazon

  5. Crime & Justice

    30 years on, Kazakhstan continues to grapple with fallout of Soviet oppression

  6. Human Rights

    New Syria war toll adds 42,000 killed under regime torture

  7. Analysis

    Report details how Russia stranded unpaid Syrian mercenaries in foreign conflicts

  8. Human Rights

    Kazakhs vow to continue protests over China's 'genocide' of Muslims

  9. Health

    Wuhan lab leak theory gains traction as COVID-19 origin probe continues

  10. Environment

    Central Asians warily eye Russian-built nuclear power plants in China

  11. Diplomacy

    US embassy in Dushanbe eyes positive change with new 'American Space'

  12. Terrorism

    Amid pandemic, Kazakhstan counters ramped up online extremist activity

  13. Environment

    Kazakhstan to make Russia pay for space agency's environmental damage

  14. Health

    US provides COVID-19 testing equipment, supplies to Tajikistan

  15. Business

    Khujand picks up slack from Chinese firm that left dozens displaced

  16. Security

    New Tajik border liaison office on Uzbek border to help fight trafficking

  17. Business

    Tajik distrust of Chinese investors grows after failed 'Chinatown' project in Khujand

  18. Human Rights

    China arrested over 1,000 imams amid crackdown on Islam in Xinjiang

  19. Human Rights

    Investigation details China's campaign to sterilise Muslim women in Xinjiang

  20. Religion

    Kazakhstan bolsters domestic religious studies to prevent radicalisation

  21. Economy

    Kazakh law banning land sales to foreigners sends defiant message to China