1. Analysis

    Kremlin pushes Uzbekistan to join EEU as observers warn of risks

  2. Security

    US warns Russia of far-reaching consequences if it invades Ukraine

  3. Human Rights

    New Kazakh film seeks to tell truth of Soviet terror

What is the long-term future for Central Asian migrant workers in Russia?

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  1. Human Rights

    World Food Programme kicks off food deliveries from Tajikistan to Afghanistan

  2. Security

    Syria, Russia under pressure over chemical weapons

  3. Analysis

    Stretched thin and cash-strapped, Iran deemed ill-prepared for next domestic uprising

  1. Diplomacy

    Crisis diplomacy: Kremlin seeks out weak spots to exploit

  2. Politics

    Kazakhstan 'slavery' incident exposes Russia's strategy in fueling tensions

  3. Human Rights

    Russia's move to dissolve top human rights group sparks worldwide criticism

  4. Human Rights

    Tough times ahead: Russia targets migrants with expulsion of rights defenders

  5. Society

    Palmyra a 'ghost town' under Syrian regime, militia control

  6. Security

    Central Asian countries assess vulnerability to terrorist infiltration

  7. Security

    Screws tighten on Kremlin mercenaries as their presence spreads across globe

  8. Terrorism

    Challenges continue to hobble repatriation of Central Asians from Syria, Iraq

  9. Security

    Kazakhs slam Russian foreign minister's accusations of xenophobia

  10. Security

    Russia space missile test 'dangerous and irresponsible': US

  11. Health

    US aid bolsters fight against COVID-19 in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

  12. Education

    Russia's education initiatives in Uzbekistan raise spectre of hybrid warfare tactics

  13. Technology

    Kremlin black boxes seize control of free internet in Russia

  14. Security

    Suspicions grow over Chinese offer to build police base in Tajikistan

  15. Human Rights

    Desperate migrants in Belarus become Russia's geopolitical pawns

  16. Security

    Global concerns mount as China rapidly expands nuclear arsenal

  17. Society

    Kremlin-linked bank's disdain for Kazakh draws complaints from customers

  18. Technology

    International community uniting against threat from Russian hackers

  19. Security

    Central Asia grows concerned as Moscow uses gas as 'geopolitical weapon'

  20. Environment

    Xi skips crucial climate talks as China ramps up coal production

  21. Economy

    Russian push to expand EEU seen as effort to deepen unequal gains