1. Human Rights

    Elderly couple near Kyiv hid from Russians for weeks inside tiny cellar

  2. Security

    Doubts grow over CSTO membership in wake of Russia's war in Ukraine

  3. Security

    Could Russia drag Moldova into its war on Ukraine?

What is the direct effect of Russia's war with Ukraine on your daily life?

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  1. Security

    Russian land mines, unexploded ordnance endanger Ukrainian civilians

  2. Security

    Are Chinese troops in Afghanistan?

  3. Economy

    Russia, Iran face another consequence of pariah status: no spare parts

  1. Politics

    Eschewing Victory Day celebrations, Uzbekistan observes 'Day of Remembrance'

  2. Security

    'Islamic State' expands attacks on Central Asian states, targets Tajikistan with rockets

  3. Protests

    Moscow's Victory Day commemoration tarred by losses, atrocities in Ukraine

  4. Security

    Uzbek observers urge closer military co-operation with US, West

  5. Security

    Relatives of Moskva crew remain in dark over their whereabouts

  6. Terrorism

    Russian troops steal, destroy Ukraine's cultural and historical heritage

  7. Security

    Torture, rape and executions: Russian mercenary tactics around the world

  8. Media

    Kyrgyzstan bans 'Z' symbol, Russian propaganda films on Ukraine war

  9. Religion

    Russian Orthodox Church faces schism following patriarch's support for Ukraine invasion

  10. Media

    In Uzbekistan, calls grow to ban Kremlin-controlled TV channels

  11. Security

    Kazakhstan's scrapping of Victory Day parade highlights strained Russian ties

  12. Science & Technology

    Kyrgyzstan refuses to host Russian-built 'biosafety' lab as Ukraine tensions soar

  13. Security

    How will Russia support mercenaries if it cannot even supply its own troops?

  14. Refugees

    Humanitarian aid from Uzbekistan says: 'Ukraine, we are with you!'

  15. Security

    'Army of looters': Russia's pillaging of Ukraine is the latest in history of criminality

  16. Technology

    Kazakhstan drops deal with Kremlin-linked bank for e-government platform

  17. Human Rights

    Russian propaganda, society seen to explain shocking brutality in Ukraine

  18. Human Rights

    Horror stories from Ukraine underscore reality of Putin's 'Russian world'

  19. Security

    Russia's military failures bring into question security guarantor role in Central Asia

  20. Human Rights

    Sowing fear and panic: how Russians strike terror in besieged Ukrainian cities

  21. Religion

    Religious leaders in Central Asia condemn Russia's 'sinful' war against Ukrainian people