Skilled FC soldiers are ready to fight terrorism

By Zahir Shah


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Iqbal Zafar Jhagra attended the graduation ceremony of Frontier Constabulary newly recruited soldiers at Shabqadar, May 17. [Zahir Shah]

PESHAWAR -- The Frontier Constabulary (FC), equipped with modern anti-terror fighting techniques, and use of scientific armoury and gadgetry, is ready to take on the enemy with full might, besides its guard duties for which it was raised and trained, officials said.

FC, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was established by amalgamation of Border Military Police (BMP) and Samana Rifles (SR) in 1913. It derives its name from the fact that it was initially entrusted with the cardinal task of policing the frontiers that separated the settled districts of KP (then North West Frontier Province) and the tribal areas against tribal incursions, criminal gangs and marauders operating across this buffer zone.

However, owing to the prevalent reign of terrorism and deteriorating law and order situation in the country, FC has been entrusted with numerous multifarious and multidimensional tasks in addition to its cardinal function.

These duties include supporting law enforcement agencies (LEAs) in controlling law and order situation and providing security to diplomats, vital government installations, VVIPs/VIPs, multi-national companies (MNCs) and hydro-power projects (HPPs).

About 2,000 jawans join FC to fight terrorism

After completion of training at the Shabqadar Fort May 17, 1,975 Jawans of FC, filled with new vigour and enthusiasm to defend their motherland and pay tributes to the constabulary officers like Commandant Sifwat Ghayur and many others who sacrificed their lives while defending their soil. Ghayur was killed in a suicide attack in August 2010.

"We want to root out terrorism from our soil and we have on oath promised to give a peaceful Pakistan to our future generations," the newly graduated Zakiruallh from Charsadda District told Central Asia Online.

"We are ready to offer our life, but we won't allow terrorists to kill our innocent children, women and civilians, peace will be achieved at any cost, even at the cost of our life, it's a very clear message to the terrorists," he said.

Aqib Khan from Ogai village in Manshera District is also enthusiastic for posting in hard areas.

"It's a great day for me, when I first joined the force, I was really upset by the terrorists atrocities against the civilian population, but today, I feel comfortable as I have got the license to fight and eliminate them," Aqib told Central Asia Online.

"It was my parents' wish for me to become a soldier and bring peace to my soil and I am ready to go to any extent to defeat the militants and terrorists who had made life a hell for the Pakistanis," he said.

Naeem Ullah from Shabqadar believes he is bound to defend his motherland and ready to go on the mission.

"We shall not only defend, but we should go on to crush them, who dare to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of our country," Naeem told Central Asia Online.

KP Governor Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, who was the chief guest at the graduation ceremony May 17, paid tributes to the bravery and sacrifices of officers and Jawans.

"The entire nation stood united with the security forces in the war against terrorism to protect the motherland against internal and external threats," Jhagra said.

Awarding shields of honour to the outclass soldiers, he said the nation is proud of the supreme sacrifices of the soldiers, specially the FC jawans who are the first line of defence against the intruders.

Government announces Rs3 million to strengthen FC

The governor assured the newly graduated soldiers that all their needs would take care of and announced Rs3 million (US $28,742) for the FC welfare and the outgoing recruits.

The governor said that peace has been restored in most parts of the country because of army, FC and other law enforcement agencies' efforts.

"In its 100-year journey, this gallant and enterprising force had successfully accomplished numerous herculean tasks to protect and preserve the sovereignty and integrity of the nation, but due to war on terror a major shift occurred in the role of FC and a force initially entrusted with the pivotal function of policing the border between settled areas and tribal belt was engaged in routing the menace of terrorism," FC Commandant Liaqat Khan said.

He said the FC has taken up this task with unprecedented spirit and courage, adding the force is entrusted with the responsibility of eliminating the existential threat and ensuring homeland security.

He said that FC has taken a number of steps, including equipping the force with the latest armour and gadgetry, raising quick response force platoons, establishing new posts and imparting training of modern warfare, but still, more have to be done to make it a zealous fighting force to combat terror on the front lines.

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