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Uzbekistan will not join the Eurasian Economic Union: Mirziyoyev



'We will not be a member of this union,' Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev told the country's senate January 20 about Uzbekistan's refusal to join the Russian-dominated EEU. [Uzbek presidential press office]

TASHKENT -- Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev Monday (January 20) refused to commit his country to joining the Russian-dominated Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), reported the Tashkent Times.

Instead, Uzbekistan will have observer status, as Moldova has had since 2017.

Mirziyoyev explained his decision during the first session of the just-elected Uzbek senate.

The EEU's members include Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Belarus.

"Let me give my opinion about [economic] integration," said Mirziyoyev, according to "Many of our citizens work abroad, in Kazakhstan and Russia."

"Bear in mind one thing," he said. "Nobody will ever give away our independence to anyone. Independence rests in the hands of a president whom the people trust."

"We will not be a member of this union," he said.

Instead, Uzbekistan will have observer status, not membership, he said, according to

"We'll see what the pluses and minuses are," he said, according to, explaining the benefit of being an observer rather than member. "Be assured that whatever we do, we will take our national interests into account."

Bitter experiences

The EEU has proven a bitter disappointment to some of its members, such as Kazakhstan.

Kazakh officials and business leaders, for instance, have complained that the bloc serves Russian interests while keeping Kazakh exporters from selling to the Russian market.

"We as Kazakh entrepreneurs are placed in a difficult situation when we can't compete with Russian companies either in Russia, because they don't let us into the market, or in Kazakhstan, where they 'dump' their merchandise [purposely selling at a loss]," said Kostanay dairy entrepreneur Aset Nurtayev last November. "How can we survive?"

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Countless thanks to Allah for not letting us join invaders, people who are hated around the world, Russia whos hands are drenched in blood of innocents in wars. Alhamdulillah. Russia will become the leader under the guise EEU and slowly plundering the country and shall invade it. Allah you are the best of protectors


I support


Mr. President, we are proud of you. Let our Indenpendence be forever. Do not get ever tired.


We better off not become member at all, not even as an observer! Strategic goal of EEU is to help us a little at the beginning and after to make us a raw commodity providing country! We have all conditions for our independent development!


The president did right that didnʼt join. Those countries are not friend to us. Everyone think themselves. Itʼs just enough good communication with them.


The President is 100% right. Don't gamble on the state independence.


They think only about lining their pockets, not about the people. The union is beneficial if [you] think about the people, but then the entrepreneurs will suffer!


But ordinary people in Kazakhstan only benefited from it! Think about ordinary people, not entrepreneurs. It is hardly ever possible to make everyone happy!


The state will think about ordinary people as soon as they make themselves useful.


That's right, this EEU is like a bone in the throat for all Kazakhs


The right decision


Do we really need this? We cannot complain about our life without it