Students urged to self improve amid distance learning and COVID-19

By Sara Ishonova


Video lessons in Uzbekistan are being shown daily on three TV channels and on the website of the Ministry of Public Education and its accounts on Telegram and Facebook, as well as on and [Uzbek Public Education Ministry]

TASHKENT -- Schools, universities and colleges in Central Asian countries are switching to distance learning as part of efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19.

In Uzbekistan, authorities March 15 ordered the shutdown of all schools effective March 16.

Soon afterward, the Ministry of Public Education announced an unprecedented plan to roll out remote learning for the country's 6.1 million school students during the lockdown.

Leading education specialists and the National Television and Radio Co. of Uzbekistan teamed up to quickly develop and prepare video lessons that are now shown daily on three TV channels, pre-empting programming on NatGeoWild, EuroSport, and Hunting and Fishing.


Video lessons in Kyrgyzstan are broadcast by the local ElTR television channel. [Kyrgyz Education Ministry]

Online lessons are also being streamed on the website of the Ministry of Public Education and its accounts on Telegram and Facebook, as well as and

"Children, do not squander your time! Work hard on your online lessons. Read books, expand your knowledge and get exercise every day," Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said in a speech about the coronavirus pandemic on April 3.

Otabek Karimov, a fourth-year student at the Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi Tashkent University of Information Technologies, is now studying through an educational platform on which all students have their own dashboards and access to all educational materials.

In addition, the university has its own studio, where instructors deliver their online lectures, said Karimov, who is studying for finals.

"Everything is user friendly. The only issue is that not all students have their own computers or access to Wi-Fi, so they have to work on their mobile phone," he said.

"The necessity of affordable, high-quality internet has become apparent now more than ever before," he noted.

Distance learning in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan

A similar effort has begun in Kyrgyzstan, which switched to distance learning on April 8 under an action plan developed by the Kyrgyz Education Ministry with the support of local companies and international organisations, as reported by the Times of Central Asia (TCA).

The local ElTR television channel is broadcasting video lessons. Video tutorials also being shared on YouTube and a specially designed website, and free training materials on various topics in Kyrgyz, Russian, Tajik and Uzbek languages are being provided via an e-library.

Teachers are providing feedback to students via video chat applications such as Zoom, Google classroom, Telegram and WhatsApp.

A digital learning portal, where educators will post training materials and special tests, is set to begin operating on the Education Ministry's website.

"Video-conferencing for groups is held every day except Sunday," said Asel Kuvatova, a student at the OSCE Academy in Bishkek.

"During online classes, teachers show us their presentations and write as if on a blackboard. We ask questions. In general, full-fledged classes are held," she said.

Schoolchildren in Kazakhstan began studying remotely on April 6, TCA reported.

The country's TV channels broadcast lessons for pupils of all grades five days a week. Teachers will prepare more than 2,000 television lessons for them, according to the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science.

"A remote lesson is not the same 40-minute school lesson ... First of all, we ask parents to help their children learn teaching material in new conditions," said Deputy Minister of Education and Science Sholpan Karinova.

New opportunities

Firuza Tatybayeva, a psychology instructor at Webster University in Tashkent, found teaching online unfamiliar and uncomfortable at first. However, over time she came to feel more at ease and now even sees some advantages.

"These days especially, when we are not wasting time on travel and other distractions, we can really delve into self-improvement," Tatybayeva said.

"For those who were preparing to go study abroad and will not be able to carry out those plans because of the epidemic, there is no reason to be distressed. On the contrary, new options are emerging like never before," she said.

Now, more than ever, is the time to focus on one's education, Tatybayeva said.

During this imposed quarantine and time of social distancing, broad access to knowledge has opened up to youths and schoolchildren.

Khan Academy, an educational nonprofit based in the United States, offers access to free education, including programmes translated into Uzbek.

For young people who dream of studying in the United States, the world's leading universities are now offering 300 free online courses taught in English.

Young people may apply to Webster University in Uzbekistan, and after they complete one year of study, they may transfer to any one of Webster University's campuses around the world, including the United States, said Tatybayeva.

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I am delighted that our republic continues to take care of educating its children during these difficult times


It's amazing! I couldn't even imagine all the grandiose opportunities and perspectives behind this. Thanks to Firuza Tatybaeva, there's an opportunity for self-development. And on top of that, we have the chance to continue studying abroad, even in the USA. It's good that Webster starts by training our students before they take such a serious step in their lives and learning since studies there are at a different level. Many of the students lose it and give in to temptation. But if you have a teacher such as Firuza Tatybaeva who would always direct, support, help, and give you valuable advice, temptations have no grip on you! P.S. It was not my intention to insult the quality and level of education in our country. But one should be honest with oneself. Now it is much higher than it used to be. Let's aspire to go higher and higher! Thanks to the conditions our Country and Webster give us (F.T.).


Thanks for your effort in teaching, even in these trying times, no matter what. Way to go


Great opportunities for youths, thanks to the organisers, good luck!


Uspekhistan [Uspekh is Russian for "success"] is the land of opportunity, thanks to Webster University in Tashkent, especially to Firuza Tatybayeva for her contribution to the development of education in Uzbekistan.


Firuza Suinichevna, you are the best! Thank you!


It's great there are so many opportunities turning up in our country which is full of potential! Thanks for the opportunity to study in the best world universities


Any business is good!


I am delighted such events take place in our city


Excuse me, I pay taxes and make my contribution to enjoy the benefits of "our" republic! And my benefits are just like yours. And you have nothing to blame me for. If you can't afford to study in a decent place, hold your tongue!


Hahaha :) Not bad, brother armchair hero :) I don't converse for a long time with the likes of you! There are fewer and fewer patriots in this country!


Well... Everybody can and does pay taxes - it's not heroic! It would be better if you'd stand up and start changing your country!


Webster University is a slim ray of hope in this pitch darkness...


It is easy to give advice when you work at an American university


I beg your pardon, but I don't work there; it's strictly my opinion. In my opinion, Western universities are substantially better than our "Mishok"


I have forgiven you! But I'd like to express my very personal opinion, too! You live and enjoy all the benefits of our great Republic. It is trying hard to help the people in every way possible! And jumping off to the Western side like this is horrible of you, I believe!


Don't forget, truth springs from an argument and one needs to look at the situation from both sides. The level of education in our country is not top-notch, but we are trying to make it so through online learning during these trying times for the world. Today we are facing the task of drawing more attention to education from both the state and the people! The future rests in the hands of our children!


Excellent article! Thanks!


I completely agree with the author and Dr. Tatybaeva.


Dr. Tatybaeva was my childhood teacher, thank you very much!


I never knew Webster University could transfer students to any of the campuses around the world!! Thanks for the useful article!!


It is an excellent article for parents. The best they can do is guiding their children.


I read your article with interest and signed up for online courses! I will be getting ready for a masters degree! Thank you very much!


Great! You will do it.