Kyrgyz NGO continues anti-extremism training for imams

By Asker Sultanov

BISHKEK -- The Kyrgyz religious NGO Iyman Foundation is continuing to help train imams to help their flocks resist extremism, the Iyman press office said in a statement Tuesday (December 20).

In co-operation with the Spiritual Administration for Muslims of Kyrgyzstan (DUMK), Iyman recently completed the training of 120 imams in Jalal-Abad Province. The training, part of the project “Development of the Spiritual and Intellectual Development of Imams,” is meant to improve the qualifications of imams in standing up to extremism and terrorism.

During the training, the imams learned about basics of Islam, oratory, ethics and Kyrgyz religious policy, among other subjects, Iyman spokesman Murtaza Joldoshev said, according to the statement. Imams, besides knowing the Koran inside and out, need to be "educated and cultivated, so as to command the respect of their communities", Akhmat Bakhadyrkhojayev, an imam in Jalal-Abad Province, said, according to Iyman.

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