Kyrgyzstan to adopt new religious culture textbook for all schools

By Asker Sultanov

BISHKEK -- Starting in 2018, authorities plan to adopt the History of Religious Culture textbook in all schools in Kyrgyzstan, said Zakir Chotayev, first deputy chief of the State Commission for Religious Affairs.

The textbook provides information about the state policy on religion and the characteristics of religious-extremist movements, he told Caravanserai.

"Aside from Islam, there are other religious movements and organisations [in Kyrgyzstan], and we will present balanced information," Chotayev said.

"This subject aims to present basic information to our young citizens so that they are prepared for the possible influence of religious movements and destructive ideologies," he said.

Read Caravanserai Wednesday (October 11) to find out more about religious education classes recently adopted in Kyrgyzstan.

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