Kyrgyz lawmaker calls for judicial transparency to prevent extremism


BISHKEK -- Transparency in the Kyrgyz judiciary will protect society from extremism and terrorism, member of parliament Natalya Nikitenko said Wednesday (September 5), according to

Nikitenko made her remarks at a roundtable in Bishkek on the need to introduce international standards of prison management to prevent radicalisation and extremism.

All government agencies should work jointly to fight extremism and terrorism across the country, she said.

Penal reforms set to take effect in 2019 are aimed at "preventing recidivism and at combatting the consequences", said Nikitenko.

More than 500 defendants have been convicted of extremism or terrorism in Kyrgyzstan, and about 200 of them are imprisoned in higher-security institutions, according to Taalaibek Japarov, chairman of the state penal service, who did not give the period during which the convictions occurred.

Prison employees and specialists "constantly work with convicted extremists and terrorists", he said in Bishkek Wednesday.

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