Tajik, Kazakh law enforcement learn key counterterrorism skills in US-funded course


DUSHANBE -- Tajik and Kazakh law enforcement officers completed a US government-funded counterterrorism course in Dushanbe, the US Embassy in Tajikistan said in a statement Friday (November 16).

The officers enhanced co-operation between law enforcement agencies, exchanged experience and developed skills to identify, investigate and track foreign terrorist fighters in the region as part of the "Foreign Terrorist Fighter - Operators and Investigators" course.

"The people of Tajikistan are aware of the threats facing nations from terrorist organizations and criminal groups and citizens hope that you will protect the safety and stability of the country," Barry Ullrich, the regional security officer of the US Embassy in Tajikistan, told the law enforcement officers. "Strong co-operation between countries is a strategic resource not only for the government, but for all of us who live in Tajikistan."

The training is the third course of Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) programme this year sponsored by the US Embassy.

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