Uzbek foreign minister denounces anti-US allegations published by Sputnik

By Maksim Yeniseyev

TASHKENT -- Uzbek Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov at a Thursday (February 8) briefing in Tashkent expressed indignation at a Sputnik Uzbekistan article containing allegations that the United States was plotting to have Afghan terrorists attack Central Asia.

In the Wednesday (February 7) article, Franz Klintsevich, leader of the Russian Union of Veterans of Afghanistan, predicted that Central Asia soon would be subjected "to major, specific attacks [by militants] that US security agencies are creating for Russia in Afghanistan".

"These discussions of how the Central Asian republics will be subjected to such attacks arouse not only disagreement but indignation," said Kamilov, according to As for the commonplace prediction "Tomorrow the situation in Central Asia will fall apart," he said, "I have been hearing it for 25 years."

Kamilov emphasised the lack of any evidence that militants intend to enter Central Asia.

Kamilov noted Uzbekistan's contribution to solving the Afghan conflict, in particular last March's Tashkent conference on Afghanistan, which attracted delegations of more than 20 countries and organisations. "We will continue to support the peace process and the government of this country," he said of Afghanistan.

The briefing comes as Tashkent prepares to host a February 19-20 conference on interdependence in Central Asia, which is expected to include more than 100 analysts.

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Russia has been intimidating Central Asia with frightening stories about Afghan terrorists for a long time to make us ask Russia for protection. We will tackle terrorists ourselves but it's crucial that Russia itself doesn't help them.


The Taliban will never invade other countries, they have so many problems it's too much on their plate for the next hundred years


In fact, the northern neighbour can try to destabilise Central Asian countries by sending private military companies like "TURAN" private military company