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  1. Tajikistan repatriates more citizens from Syria amid increased violence inside camps

    Tajik women and children repatriated from Syria arrive May 21 in Dushanbe. [Negmatullo Mirsaidov

  2. Tajikistan prepares to repatriate citizens being held in Syria, Iraq

    on April 16 in Baghdad to discuss the repatriation of Tajik women and children being held in Iraq. [YouTube

  3. Kyrgyzstan repatriates women, children from Syria camps

    on Monday (February 20) welcomed Kyrgyzstan's recent repatriation of 59 women and children from camps

  4. Uzbek women in Iraqi prison ask to return to their homeland

    ] Khatira Yuldasheva, who was repatriated to her home village as part of Operation Mekhr in 2021, stands

  5. Lukashenka faces accusations of forced deportation of Ukrainian children

    , an NGO that helps repatriate children from Russia, told Caravanserai. Shevtsov's

  6. Dushanbe repatriates IS-linked women, children from Syria

    to Tajikistan, a Kurdish official said Monday (July 25). Tajikistan previously repatriated 84

  7. 'Fairy tales': Extremism continues to lure Uzbek women with false promises

    ] A screenshot from a documentary about Operation Mekhr by Uzbekistan 24 TV shows a repatriated Uzbek woman

  8. Another war crime: Russia accused of 're-educating' Ukrainian children in camps

    Ukraine has managed to repatriate only 128 of the thousands of children illegally deported

  9. Challenges continue to hobble repatriation of Central Asians from Syria, Iraq

    in Bishkek holds a repatriated Kyrgyz child on March 16. [Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry

  10. Kazakh women repatriated from Iraq and Syria build new careers in homeland

    Repatriated Kazakh women and children are shown in a screenshot from a Kazakh National Security

  11. Kazakhstan seeks US help in recovering corruptly transferred funds

    -operating to repatriate Kazakh assets that were illegally hidden abroad. [

  12. Former Kazakh extremists warn of their mistakes after completing prison sentences

    , part of a series of flights from 2019 to 2021 in which Kazakhstan repatriated more than 700 citizens

  13. Kazakhstan cites successes in rehabilitating radicalised women

    Jusan. Repatriated Kazakh women and children are shown in a screenshot

  14. Kazakhstan draws lessons from women repatriated by Operation Jusan

    Roza, one of the Kazakh women repatriated from IS-held territory in Syria, says: "Now I am safe

  15. Death of Zambian student in Ukraine unveils scope of Wagner mercenary recruitment

    transported to the Russian border town of Rostov ahead of repatriation to Zambia, the statement added