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Central Asians gladly use a popular encrypted messaging app that authorities in Russia and Iran are trying to deny their citizens.

The Zhasyl El project is aimed at providing youth jobs during summer break and creating green spaces throughout the country.

Kazakh port authorities have detained four freighters from Russia and Iran on the Caspian Sea for numerous safety violations.

With the successful conclusion of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev's first official visit to the United States, Uzbeks are hopeful for new, large-scale co-operation between the two countries.

Art helps convicted terrorists develop a sense of responsibility for their deeds, psychologists say.

The move is part of the country's efforts to fight extremism online, say officials and observers, though some users are pushing back against the broad ban.

Negotiators rejected a proposal to have peace talks in Russia, citing years of indiscriminate Russian bombing of Syrian civilians and support for a dictator who uses chemical weapons against his own people.

The €3.3 million project aims to increase media literacy and supports initiatives to prevent radicalisation in the region.

Agreements signed between the two nations covered military, trade, energy, finance, agriculture, science and education, and included billions of dollars of potential business deals.

The raid on the two Russian media outlets in Ukraine coincides with the inauguration of a bridge connecting Russia with Crimea, which the Kremlin illegally annexed in 2014.

Gen. Joseph L. Votel, commander of US Central Command, praised Tajik authorities for their work on border security and their commitment to regional stability, both of which are important for the development of Central Asia.

Uzbekistani President Shavkat Mirziyoyev's upcoming visit to the United States is attracting unprecedented attention from regional and international media and the expert community.

Moscow is using the threat of terrorism as a pretext for building up its presence in Central Asia, but the reality may be more self-serving, analysts say.

A programme to translate 100 internationally recognised textbooks into the Kazakh language will help shape a new generation of young scholars, officials say.

Being able to take a single bus between Tashkent and Bishkek makes the 12-hour-plus journey more convenient, passengers say.

The one-week course focused on developing skills 'needed to locate and collect evidence, reconstruct a device and leverage international co-operation' in post-blast investigations.

About 500 economists, political scientists and business leaders -- including Russian scholars -- criticised the Kremlin's foreign policy at the International Risk Management Conference in Almaty this month. Russia's continuing aggression is prompting Kazakhstan to part ways with its neighbour.

The World Bank is supporting Uzbekistan's effort to invest in preschool education, which has significant, long-lasting social and economic benefits for children, their families and society at large.

The sentiment reflects a global trend of rejecting Kremlin-backed information sources that have proven time and time again to be unreliable.

Every citizen in Kazakhstan is required to provide his or her personal data to mobile phone carriers by December 31.

Anxious Russian television station owners have been attempting to court favour with Uzbekistani audiences in the face of increased domestic competition.