1. Society

    Uzbek-language Wikipedia lets millions of users find information in Uzbek

  2. Human Rights

    Russia press-gangs men in occupied territories of Ukraine

  3. Education

    Primakov's 'gift' to Georgia: a Kremlin-linked university

How will a Russian Black Sea grain deal cancelation affect the world?

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  1. Crime & Justice

    Uzbekistan takes aim at sex offenders amid spike in reported crimes against minors

  2. Politics

    Western nations impose new sanctions three years after Belarus crackdown

  3. Education

    Kyrgyz public rejects Russian criticism of new language law

  1. Human Rights

    Russia pressures migrant workers into signing army contracts for Ukraine front

  2. Security

    'Shudder from the sirens': Ukrainian drone fundraiser taunts Moscow

  3. Security

    Su-34 proves to be ineffective tool for Russian air force

  4. Security

    Poland, Lithuania tighten security as Wagner joins Belarus maneuvers on border

  5. Economy

    Despite the war, Uzbekistan and Ukraine step up trade

  6. Economy

    World leaders slam Russia for 'weaponizing' food following Black Sea grain deal withdrawal

  7. Human Rights

    Uptick in Russian authorities' harassment of migrants politically motivated

  8. Education

    'We want our own': Kazakh youth rethink their national identity

  9. Analysis

    Russia fails to deliver Su-35s to Iran, triggering speculation over health of alliance

  10. Politics

    Georgia risks wider repercussions after losing 'safe country' status with Belgium

  11. Human Rights

    Lukashenka faces accusations of forced deportation of Ukrainian children

  12. Diplomacy

    Only a handful of African leaders show up to Putin's summit in Moscow

  13. Security

    Shoigu's visit to North Korea spurs questions about military assistance

  14. Business

    Quality of Chinese cars disappoints buyers in Uzbekistan

  15. Human Rights

    Swelling number of war orphans strains Ukrainian care system

  16. Human Rights

    Syria, Russia deliberately bombed Syria displacement camps, rights group says

  17. Human Rights

    Return to the gulag: Russia opens new prisons for civilians captured in Ukraine

  18. Human Rights

    'Uncle Vova': Ukrainian mother finds daughter changed by Russian brainwashing

  19. Politics

    Russian Z-artist arouses anger by calling Kazakh president 'a traitor'

  20. Security

    Wagner chief calls Russia's Ukraine war a 'disgrace'

  21. Security

    Kazakhs, Kyrgyz call out ‘Z-patriots’ and Russian propaganda