1. Economy

    China seeks a dependent Afghanistan for access to minerals, say analysts

  2. Science & Technology

    Mandatory Chinese Olympics app has 'devastating' encryption flaw

  3. Terrorism

    Experts weigh in on Kyrgyzstan's new draft law on countering extremism

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  1. Diplomacy

    False flag operations and cyberattacks: prelude to Russian invasion of Ukraine

  2. Security

    Russia, Belarus hold snap military drills as Ukraine tensions rise

  3. Security

    Uzbekistan faces renewed pressure to rejoin CSTO in wake of Kazakh unrest

  1. Diplomacy

    China gaining military, economic influence by racking up debtors around the world

  2. Security

    Uzbeks bristle at CSTO's intervention in Kazakhstan

  3. Human Rights

    Clerics back US stance against China's repression of Muslim minorities

  4. Economy

    As China enters Iran's housing market, regime-linked entities look to profit

  5. Diplomacy

    Ukrainian reservists prepare for war as Russia talks fail to make breakthrough

  6. Security

    Russian troops pour into Kazakhstan despite end of crisis

  7. Human Rights

    Uzbek aid continues to flow into crisis-hit Afghanistan

  8. Diplomacy

    'World watching' Russian troops' conduct in Kazakhstan

  9. Human Rights

    With shuttering of Memorial rights group, Kremlin aims to control the past

  10. Protests

    Kazakh protests send message to Putin amid Russia's domestic unrest

  11. Education

    Demand for English language grows in Uzbekistan

  12. Politics

    Beijing battles 'masculinity crisis' by turning 'effeminate' men into soldiers

  13. Religion

    Global Imams urge Muslims to boycott Beijing Olympics

  14. Terrorism

    Kazakhstan turns to webcomic in fight against extremism

  15. Politics

    Chinese investment in Egypt comes at high price, analysts warn

  16. Security

    Russia's ultimatum to NATO encroaches on Central Asia's sovereignty

  17. Politics

    Kazakhs reject Russian State Duma's meddling over proposed language law

  18. Security

    Russian settlement bursts with activity in the heart of Syria

  19. Energy

    China's green energy push ahead of Winter Olympics destroying farmers' lives

  20. Education

    Focus on Chinese in classrooms shows Central Asia's split from Soviet past

  21. Human Rights

    Xi deemed personally responsible for horrors China has committed against Muslims