1. Security

    Uighur IS suicide bomber spotlights Taliban's risky ties with China

  2. Terrorism

    High social media use among Kyrgyz youth raises concerns over extremist recruitment

  3. Diplomacy

    Kazakhstan envisions Almaty as regional hub for Afghan aid

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  1. Economy

    Chinese project set to displace a half-million residents in Pakistan

  2. Human Rights

    Migrants in Russia lose outspoken defender amid increasing lawlessness

  3. Crime & Justice

    China seen as new centre for Iran's money-laundering operations

  1. Security

    Concerns mount over link between Chinese phones and security risks

  2. Analysis

    Tense ties: Isolated Iran acts out, tries to intimidate Azerbaijan

  3. Security

    Uzbek authorities crack down on extremists radicalising youth online

  4. Security

    US embassy donates 20 jeeps to Tajik special forces

  5. Politics

    International community demands answers from Russia on Navalny poisoning

  6. Diplomacy

    Taliban takeover puts relationship with Iran on the rocks

  7. Politics

    Chinese economic retaliation causes heavy losses for Kazakh companies

  8. Human Rights

    China's 'sinicisation' plan does away with mosque domes, Islamic theology

  9. Transportation

    Kyrgyz workers demand 16 months' back wages from Chinese company

  10. Elections

    Kazakhs denounce fraud in Russian elections

  11. Environment

    USAID supports drought-stricken farmers in Kazakhstan

  12. Terrorism

    Years on, Tajik families continue to suffer from recklessness of extremism

  13. Security

    Russian company's hand in Kazakhstan's e-government platform raises alarm

  14. Diplomacy

    China pledges 'unconditional' support for Taliban while Afghans lose freedoms

  15. Human Rights

    Russian lawmaker's tirade against 'immigrant scum' violates hate speech law

  16. Diplomacy

    US to donate another 500 million COVID vaccine doses, totalling over 1 billion

  17. Environment

    European Bank cleans up poisonous Soviet uranium dumps in Central Asia

  18. Security

    China's saber-rattling alarms its watchful, fearful neighbours

  19. Health

    US donates 115,000 Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine doses to Tajikistan

  20. Human Rights

    OSCE report details terrorists' recruiting, trafficking of Central Asians

  21. Media

    Kazakhs say 'thanks but no thanks' to China's Kazakh-language propaganda