1. Politics

    Russia-backed militias in Syria feel the pinch as focus shifts to Ukraine

  2. Economy

    Kremlin's efforts to inflate ruble harm Russian economy, Kazakh businesses

  3. Terrorism

    Increased terror-related activity in Uzbekistan prompts calls for integrated approach

Should Central Asian states help Russia avoid Western sanctions?

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  1. Society

    'We're not giving up': Life returns to war-ravaged Irpin

  2. Politics

    Russian lawmaker floats idea of Ukraine-style invasion of Kazakhstan

  3. Society

    Russian replacement for McDonald's launches to online derision

  1. Politics

    Assad regime helps Russia, Iran corral vulnerable Syrian mercenaries

  2. Diplomacy

    US applauds Tajikistan's efforts hosting Afghan refugees

  3. Economy

    Food prices surge in Uzbekistan in wake of Russian aggression in Ukraine

  4. Human Rights

    Russian Nobel laureate sells medal to help displaced Ukrainian children

  5. Security

    US CENTCOM commander holds security talks in Central Asia

  6. Economy

    'Blackmail': Russia threatens world famine with blockade of Ukraine

  7. Politics

    Imperial ambitions: Putin twists Peter the Great's vision for Russia

  8. Media

    European bans on Russia propaganda renew calls for similar moves in Kyrgyzstan

  9. Economy

    Russia's invasion of Ukraine causes livestock die-off in Kazakhstan

  10. Security

    Taiwan bristles over China's aggression, emboldened by Russia's invasion of Ukraine

  11. Business

    Afghan port sees hike in trade with Uzbekistan

  12. Economy

    Plummeting earning power in Russia forces many migrants home

  13. Security

    China's drone carrier hints at aggressive territorial ambitions

  14. Human Rights

    Passports at gunpoint: Russia begins forced passportisation in occupied Ukraine

  15. Politics

    Uzbek cartoonist protests Russian aggression against Ukraine with satire

  16. Religion

    Latest Ukraine schism signals end of Russian Orthodox Church dominance

  17. Science & Technology

    Ukraine war has shown Russia unexpectedly poor at cyberwar

  18. Human Rights

    Prigozhin fails to dodge culpability as Wagner continues killing civilians worldwide

  19. Refugees

    Ukrainians in shock after being forced into Russian territory by gunpoint

  20. Economy

    Kazakhstan eyes Trans-Caspian route to avoid transport through Russia

  21. Politics

    US delegation visit to Central Asia draws ire of Kremlin amid Ukraine fallout