1. Economy

    EU seeks to help Central Asia reduce dependence on Russia

  2. Technology

    Top US commander sees drones as game-changing force in global security

  3. Society

    Anger over Ukraine invasion prompts Kazakhs to cancel events of Russian 'Z-stars'

How should Central Asia respond to China's growing influence in the region as Russia's influence fades?

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  1. Human Rights

    Deadly fire in Xinjiang spotlights China's mistreatment of Muslims

  2. Analysis

    Retreat from Kherson begs the question: Is Russia going to lose Ukraine war?

  3. Security

    'Double occupation': Russian troops, dependent junta in Belarus

  1. Security

    With mounting losses, Russia recruits former Afghan forces to fight in Ukraine

  2. Security

    Expulsion of Russian spies in Europe deals strategic blow to Kremlin intelligence

  3. Crime & Justice

    War crimes allegations mount as winter threatens Ukrainians

  4. Security

    US military maintains unparalleled aircraft refueling capabilities worldwide

  5. Security

    Russian mines in Ukraine 'greatest challenge' to landmark ban treaty, says monitor

  6. Terrorism

    Wagner's expanding activities, recruitment point to Prigozhin's ambitions

  7. Security

    Tehran, Moscow agree to manufacture drones in Russia for Ukraine war

  8. Environment

    Russia's control of Ural river sets stage for environmental catastrophe in Kazakhstan

  9. Security

    Russia ultimately to blame for Poland missile blasts, say Western officials

  10. Terrorism

    'Harbouring murderers': Russia protects perpetrators of MH17 downing

  11. Human Rights

    Researchers say Chinese spyware targets Muslims through apps

  12. Analysis

    Russia carries out familiar subterfuge in Moldova with FSB support for protests

  13. Business

    Chinese automakers enter Central Asia with eye on ousting Russian competitors

  14. Crime & Justice

    Detainee's tale of torture under Russians in Kherson

  15. Security

    'Afraid of everything': Russia's Black Sea Fleet hiding in port

  16. Security

    Death of Zambian student in Ukraine unveils scope of Wagner mercenary recruitment

  17. Security

    'Beginning of the end': Russia's humiliating withdrawal from Kherson

  18. Media

    Calls grow to ban Russian outlets as Uzbekistan begins broadcasting international TV

  19. Security

    Iranian drones in Ukraine put spotlight on Tehran's influence in Central Asia

  20. Security

    Russia's Wagner Group mercenaries now serve as 'human bait' in Ukraine

  21. Security

    Over 100,000 Russian troops killed, wounded in Ukraine: top US general