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The 'Cameras in the Hands of Children' project will help Kyrgyz high school students highlight social problems in their communities through videos, co-ordinators say.

Involving youth in active leadership and community building helps dissuade them from religious extremism and radicalism, project co-ordinators say.

Joint efforts by law enforcement, schools, local NGOs and international organisations have raised awareness among Kyrgyz youth about extremism and terrorism, observers say.

'The simulation game helped us understand our mistakes and stereotypes and taught us to heed other opinions,' one participant said.

The union, established earlier this year, is aimed at preventing radicalisation and promote political engagement among Uzbekistani youth.

The Jashstan project helps youth and government agencies unite efforts in peace-building and in fighting extremism.

Leaders of the Religious Affairs and Civil Society Ministry and the Youth Congress of Kazakhstan are preparing a document to present to President Nursultan Nazarbayev by the end of 2017.

The Youth Union of Uzbekistan is expected to become the main body for supporting youths' development, defending their rights and preventing their radicalisation.

Search for Common Ground is using a new model to combat extremism and terrorism.

The government is trying various means to prevent youth radicalisation.