Kyrgyz migrants in Russia aid 40 stranded compatriots


MOSCOW -- Members of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Russia lent a helping hand to 40 migrants deceived by their employment agency, reported Monday (December 3).

The migrants, who included women, were stranded on a street about 300km from Moscow without money. They recorded Facebook video messages describing their plight, which Kyrgyz media picked up.

"We came to Russia to work at a construction site," said one migrant in a video. "The company that sent us to Russia deceived us. Forty Kyrgyz are standing in -20-degree frost [-4 degrees Fahrenheit] outside now."

Members of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Moscow brought the migrants to a hotel, the Kyrgyz embassy in Moscow told

"Yesterday, representatives of the embassy and the [Russian] Migration Service met with them. We are deciding what to do next," the embassy said.

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