EU warns of 'last opportunity' for Moscow to respect nuclear missile treaty

European leaders hope for dialogue after Russia formally suspended its participation in the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, set to end August 2.

Kazakhstan improves preparedness with ongoing counter-terrorism drills

Kazakh security personnel are working to improve their response to potential terrorist attacks and are preventing weapons and explosives from falling into the wrong hands.

Submarine fire underscores ongoing failings of Russian military hardware

The death of 14 Russian sailors is the latest incident in a series of mishaps that shows the dilapidation of the Russian military.

OSCE holds week-long human trafficking exercise in Kazakhstan

The training exercise offered front-line responders the opportunity to simulate anti-trafficking responses, using live actors.

Former Tajik IS member recalls ill-advised journey to Afghanistan

'Islamic State' (IS)'s collapse in Syria steered the Usmonov family to Afghanistan and eventual imprisonment.

IS recruiting focus on millennial women raises concerns about future

The European Union's police agency says IS is targeting women from the millennial generation as it seeks new recruits after the fall of its so-called 'caliphate'.

Kazakhstan launches probe of deadly arms depot explosion

The blast Monday killed two and injured 165 in Arys, Turkistan Province.

Kazakhstan establishes training centre for specialists working with convicted extremists

The new 'Jusan' centre recently opened in Kostanay to train psychologists, police and penal workers for theological and rehabilitation work with convicted members of radical movements.

Suspected Iranian attacks on oil tankers represent 'clear threat' to global trade

The world community is coming to terms with the reality that the Iranian regime is trying to disrupt the free flow of commerce through the vital Strait of Hormuz.

UN, Kazakhstan vow more co-operation on equipment for peacekeeping missions

Kazakhstan's participation in UN peacekeeping missions is an indicator of the global community's confidence in the country and its armed forces, said one analyst.

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