RT, Sputnik banned from global media conference for 'spreading disinformation'

The Russian outlets' 'active role in spreading disinformation' is in the spotlight ahead of a conference on press freedom in London.

Attempt to frame journalist reveals depths Russia will go to cover up corruption

The arrest of investigative journalist Ivan Golunov on drug charges in Russia is a wake-up call for all journalists, especially those in Central Asia trying to uncover the truth.

Facebook again takes down Russian accounts as malign actions continue

Facebook described the removals as part of a continuing battle against 'co-ordinated inauthentic behavior' that has resulted in the deletion of numerous fake accounts worldwide.

Facebook takes down more malign Russian influence accounts

Facebook is continuing to root out fake influence accounts, most of which have been linked to Russia.

Central Asians grow numb to the Kremlin's propaganda, lies on TV

With pro-Kremlin propaganda rampant on Russian TV and online, Central Asians are turning to local media and trusted websites for political and international news, observers say.

Central Asian journalists, youth learn ways to 'resist disinformation'

Internews' latest Eduthon conference in Astana focused on raising media literacy and countering extremism in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Facebook uncovers Sputnik-linked disinformation accounts targeting Central Asia

Facebook removed 364 pages and accounts that claimed to be independent, but in fact had ties to Sputnik employees.

Once powerful media outlets of IS now second-rate

The military, ideological and cyber wars being waged against IS have greatly impaired the group's media capabilities.

Bishkek hosts forum on media's role in countering extremism in Central Asia

Efforts are being made to produce high quality media content and raise the level of critical media consumption by representatives of civil society, decision-makers and ordinary citizens.

Kazakhstan refuses to screen Russia's 'Crimean Bridge' propaganda film

In addition to the film being paned by audience members and critics, airing the movie could have been construed as Kazakhstan's tacit approval of Russia's 2014 illegal annexation.

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