Uzbekistan and Afghanistan hold symbolic first meeting of joint commission

Officials from law enforcement and security forces of both countries reviewed prospects for co-operation in the fight against extremism and terrorism.

Uzbekistan sets new security goals, including anti-radicalism legislation

The Fighting Extremism Act, which is aimed at preventing, fighting and eliminating the threat of extremism, is part of a broader effort to retool Uzbekistan's national security goals.

Kazakhstani troops train to secure Caspian Sea border region

Regional Command West conducted a month-long training exercise for 2,000 service members to boost individual specialties.

Kremlin's heightened military interest in Tajikistan raises 'Greater Russia' alarm

Russia's recent 'military aid' to Tajikistan signals the Kremlin's intent to redeploy its troops on the Tajik-Afghan border -- a move that would undermine sovereignty in Central Asia , warn analysts.

Central Asian nations 'most vulnerable' to Russian aggression

Vladimir Putin’s government has engaged in a relentless assault to undermine democracy and rule of law across the globe, but Central Asia is particularly at risk.

Russia imperils US 'deconfliction' agreement, risking confrontation in Syria

Russian jets have on several recent occasions flouted a 'deconfliction' agreement with the US that is designed to safeguard both militaries.

Uzbekistan introduces new military doctrine aimed at changing threats

Central Asia's most powerful military is continuing sweeping reforms in order to tackle new challenges.

Russia 'violates' sovereignty of neighbouring states

A new strategic security document details a litany of subversive activities that Moscow directs in Central Asia and across the world.

Authorities remain vigilant as impact of terrorism drops in Uzbekistan

Residents feel safer than ever as authorities refuse to ease up on possible threats.

Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan agree on military co-operation, Islamic solidarity

Officials and clerics from both countries have called on Muslims to promote progressive Islamic values and counter extremism.

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