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The Russian-backed Syrian army has continued to violate the terms of a ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta, where more than 1,300 civilians, a fifth of them children, have been killed in recent weeks.

Indiscriminate airstrikes and use of barrel bombs, and the deployment of chemical weapons, have killed more than 900 civilians, including at least 179 children, since mid February.

The United States is working with Central Asian partners to improve security throughout the region and to ensure long-term stability.

The Russian president's saber rattling was just an attempt to sound tough ahead of national elections, observers say.

Russia does not have 'a custom of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and is not doing so now', Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. Simple facts belie the statement.

Officials from law enforcement and security forces of both countries reviewed prospects for co-operation in the fight against extremism and terrorism.

The Fighting Extremism Act, which is aimed at preventing, fighting and eliminating the threat of extremism, is part of a broader effort to retool Uzbekistan's national security goals.

Regional Command West conducted a month-long training exercise for 2,000 service members to boost individual specialties.

Russia's recent 'military aid' to Tajikistan signals the Kremlin's intent to redeploy its troops on the Tajik-Afghan border -- a move that would undermine sovereignty in Central Asia , warn analysts.

Vladimir Putin’s government has engaged in a relentless assault to undermine democracy and rule of law across the globe, but Central Asia is particularly at risk.